network marketing tipsHere are my raw, unfiltered network marketing tips for those not sure of their next steps.

Warning: We get a tad fired up in this video but you probably need to hear it.

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Network Marketing Tips for the Confused

Someone said, “I’m new to network marketing, and I’m getting confused and lost.”

There are a few things that I suggest to you. There are two ways of building your business, marketing and prospecting, marketing and prospecting, it’s very simple.

Marketing is passive. It means that you put something out there that you hope and pray someone reacts or responds to it. Passive marketing is a Facebook status, an article, a blog, a video, an ad, a banner, drop cards, that’s all passive marketing. You’re doing something, you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to it. Prospecting is active, that’s when you’re actively engaged with an individual. It could be online, offline, cold market, warm market. It could be face-to-face, it could be over the phone, it could be through messaging, but it’s a one-on-one conversation.

Let’s step back. How do you build a network marketing business? You get whatever it is that you are offering in front of human beings, that’s what you do. You get whatever you’re offering in front of human beings. You get eyeballs on the presentation, it’s that simple. If you’d like to predict, let’s all predict, if you’d like to predict how large your team should be growing, just look at the number of eyeballs you got on the presentation last week. If I see it’s zero, it I see a zero, then that means your team mathematically should not be growing. I’ll let that sink in for a second.

If last week you got 0.0 people to watch your presentation, whether that’s for your product, your opportunity, your service, whatever that is. If 0.0 looked at your presentation last week, then mathematically your team should not grow this week. Is that straightforward? As a new network marketer, as an existing network marketer, as a veteran network marketer, as a professional network marketer, as a guru network marketer, you can always know your personal performance by the number of eyeballs you are getting on the presentation. It’s up to you, it is up to you.

How we do that can vary. A couple suggestions for you. One is if you understand that, then you need to be doing things. You need to be doing things that are going to get eyeballs on the presentation. A very simple thing for a new person to network marketing would be number one, create a piece of marketing every single day, but don’t rely on it for your prospects. Create a piece of marketing every single day. My suggested piece of marketing would be a video. It gets even better if you can do a video blog, then that’s even better. Brand new, you don’t have a blog I assume, shoot a video. You shoot a video on something that you’re learning.

You see what most people do is they go to an event, they get fired up and that week they talk to 20 people. Then the next week they talk to zero people, then the week after that zero people, and then got up to zero people. Steady Eddie, man. If you just talked, if you just prospect two people a day you’ll build an empire, and so what if it takes you 2, 3, 4, 5 years. What the hell are you going to do in the next 2, 3, 4, 5 years anyway? Are you going to build an empire doing what you’re doing? Probably not.

If you go out there and go 2, 3, 4, 5 people a day, every single day, hey you wouldn’t be open to an opportunity would you? Okay no problem. If you just did that you would build an empire. Where people get screwed up is they get too into the one individual. When they run into a mouth breather, and that person says it’s negative, they’re like what should I have said? Oh my God, they said it was a pyramid, what do I do? They get all bent out of shape over that one person that I would have forgotten about four seconds later.

Whereas there’s people that are going to sit there, they’re oh my God what could I have said to possibly convert that very negative person? Stop trying to convert the very negative person, or else you’ll have them around you more. That sounds terrible doesn’t it? You don’t want negative people. Move, move, stick and move, stick and move. You’ve got to stick and move. Talk to people, if they’re not interested, next, next, next, next, next. The more time you spend down, the more time you spend negative, the less likely you are that you’ll ever find that person that is positive. Keep going, keep going.

New person, one, create a new piece of marketing every single day. You know most network marketers don’t do that, because they’re not used to creating value in the marketplace. They don’t understand marketing. They think that marketing is slapping a coupon in your face. They think marketing is yelling your company name, that’s what they think they’re doing, they’re not doing it. Most network marketers do suck at marketing, I’m sorry. We’re trying to correct that, April 15th through 17th, I’m going to teach you marketing at our Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp.

I had a no go, I’m going to get 20 no’s a day. Some of you are getting fired up, man I’m going to get 20 no’s a day, no you won’t, you won’t. I’m sorry, you won’t get 20 no’s a day, you just won’t. I was so vampirishly hungry, voracious steak knives for teeth, I was so hungry for success, and I was so sick and tired of failing that I was going to make it frickin happen. People aren’t like that. They’re like, “I’m really going to make it happen.” No, I had steak knives for teeth, I was so hungry for success. I was so sick of struggling, I was sick of being in foreclosure, I was sick of looking out my Venetian blinds to see if it was a bill collector. I was sick of ducking and dodging my phone when bill collectors were calling me. I was sick of it.

Most people aren’t there. They unfortunately have a job that pays them just enough to keep them from leaving, so they’re not sick of it. They’d really like to build a business, it would be really neat, it would be cool to become a top earner. No, no, no, I was going to become a top earner if I had to climb the Himalayas by my teeth. Un, un, un, I was going to get to the very top, and I’m going to plant that flag. That’s where my mindset was, that’s where I was. You won’t get 20 no’s a day, I’m just letting you know. I’m sorry, please don’t be offended, don’t think that I think that I’m something special, I was just frickin hungry out of my mind, out of my mind.

As you maybe can tell, I get pretty fired up about this topic and the below video is probably going to go down as one of our most popular videos of all time. Watch it and see perhaps where you need to amp up in your life to reach your goals.

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