IF you are serious about Success, you need to attend events. Here are some Network Marketing tips to help you in that area.

This will teach you how to get the most out of any network marketing training events you attend.

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Creating Network Marketing Success from Events

If you are coming to Prospecting & Duplication Summit or any other events, here are some simple ways to get the MOST out of them.

1. Get Pictures With Any Leaders You Can

Now you may not use them upload the pictures right away, but if you are a marketer you will want to use these pictures on social media.

When you post the picture you can talk about something you learned from the leader or speaker.

And, make sure you store them somewhere so you can use them later.

2. Watch The Way You Take Notes

There can be SO much information at events. I’m not looking to take notes on everything when I go to events. To get the most out of the event I take notes in 2 ways.

1. What can I implement?

What can I use to take action in my business?

2. What can I share?

What can I share with my audience. Sharing is the easiest way to attract people to you.

3. If you can get interviews, go for it!

It’s not always possible to get interviews with leaders or influencers. But, if you are at an event, GO FOR IT!

This is a perfect time to get you and a leader on camera and repurpose for your audience.

4. Bring Your Calendar

One thing last thing, you should also plan to fill your calendar while at the event. This could be planning meetings, calls, snapping into a program, etc. Plan your attack while at the event, don’t wait to plan it when you get home as you know when you get home you WILL be hit with all kinds of distractions.

Was this helpful? Feel free to share with your teammates and hope this helps you create big network marketing success for you and your family!

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