There is no more important network marketing tips than learning what is really holding us back.

Today you will learn the #1 thing that holds most people back and how to overcome it. (Simply learning it may release you)

IF you truly want Network Marketing Success…

You have to do a few things.

  1. Improve your skills
  2. Get over your fears
  3. Not quit

That is seriously the three steps to create massive network marketing success. Today I am giving you some network marketing tips to help you get over your fears AND more importantly how to identify why you even have those fears. By the way if you want more network marketing tips, here are some good ones – Network Marketing Tips and Robert Kiyosaki

Network Marketing Tips and What Holds us Back

The biggest thing that holds us back, Number one is the fear of looking bad. The fear of looking bad, looking stupid, making a mistake, the fear of failing, all of those things fall into the same category. The fear of failing, it’s actually not failing that you’re worried about. Did you know that? No one is afraid of actually failing. They’re afraid of someone seeing them fail. People always talk about, “Everyone is afraid to fail.”

They’re not afraid to fail. They’re afraid of someone seeing them fail. They’re afraid of looking dumb. They’re afraid of looking vulnerable or weak or imperfect. That’s what people are afraid of. Unfortunately, for some, that’s where the magic lies.

The magic lies right outside your comfort zone, and wherever you are willing to risk looking stupid, that’s where the magic lies. The question is “What is more prominent in your life? Is it A, the fear of what others might think, or is it B, making an impact?” See, they’re exclusive. You can’t tell me that you want to change the world, but you’re not taking the actions that you fear because I know why you fear them.

Most people have a on their set of priorities that they never write down preserve self-image is higher than make a difference. Preserve self-image is the number one priority of most people. Now, what’s funny about this is who are we preserving it for?

I can assure you it’s people that their opinion doesn’t matter. Their opinion does not matter, yet, that is our number one priority is let’s protect our self-image from all those people that their opinions don’t matter.

You could change the world, but we won’t because preserve self-image is a higher priority. Isn’t that terrible? You could be the next inventor of something that changes the world. You could be the person that lifts up the inventor that changes the world. You could be the person that impacts people everywhere, but not if you maintain your priorities. If you maintain your priorities of preserve self-image, you won’t. Some people may think “That’s really easy for him to say. Really easy for him.” I can assure you, many times in my life, it wasn’t.

I worked my way up to a pretty good salary in county government. Now, let me tell you about how that works. County government is pretty stable. You literally have to do something pretty darn bad to be let go in county government. Just like there are people that have been there 35 years that continue to sharpen pencils and not contribute much else, but they get a raise every year. They stick around because they just don’t do anything bad.

Some of the hardest workers I ever met are in county government, so I’m not saying all, but most, many, they don’t apply themselves very much, but they’ll stay there forever because it’s pretty stable. It’s difficult to let someone go or fire someone unless they really do something stupid. When I got to the position that I was at and was making a pretty good salary. I thought it was pretty good at that time, no college, making 70,000 a year salary. I thought that was pretty good. When I got to that, and then, I told people that I was accepting that job outside of county government, people were like “Woah, but it’s super stable here. That’s crazy. I mean, you’re nuts. What if they fire you?”

See, if I was so worried about failing, if I was so worried about self-image, how it would look if I left the stable county job, pretty decent salary, and I go somewhere and then I get let go. Boy, wouldn’t I look stupid? Wouldn’t they laugh at me? Wouldn’t they say “I told you so”? They would. They would absolutely say those things, but that’s not what I looked at. I looked at I was in a position that no longer inspired me, and I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to see if I had what it took, and I trusted in myself to adapt, to grow, to contribute value. I trusted myself over and above the opinions of others, and so I made that leap.

Then, after I was there one year and I was in even higher salary, I decided to go out on my own. That was 2005. This year is my tenth year as a full-time entrepreneur, but when I was leaving that job, people said “You’re freaking nuts. You’re making great money. What are you doing? You’ll never make it. You don’t know what being an entrepreneur is like.” People told me that all day long, all the time. If I was so worried about what people thought about me, I would have stayed in that job, but I looked at my boss, I looked at his boss, I looked at her boss. None of them have the job that I wanted. I didn’t want that life.

Yes, they’re paying me a lot, but they’re also demanding a lot, so I went out on my own. Everyone thought I was crazy. Then, I go from real estate which everyone holds in very, very high regard. I go into network marketing. Everyone is like “Oh my God. You’re going to be one of those pyramid guys? You’re going to be in those scam things, those get-rich-quick?” If I cared about self-image, believe me, believe me, I never would have started in network marketing. That’s not where the insecure would go. The insecure do not go to network marketing, but preserve self-image is not my highest priority like most people.

You need to look at your actions that you’re taking or not taking. Those actions that you’re probably not taking, why aren’t you taking them? I bet, I’m willing to bet that it’s because you have preserve self-image as your number one priority above make a difference, impact your family.

That’s the deal. I just want to ask you “This self-image you’re preserving, does it serve you? Does it serve your family? Does it serve your legacy why you’re on this planet, or does it keep you in a little, tiny box until you’re in a little, tiny box?” See, that’s the question you got to ask yourself. That’s the number one in my opinion, the number one thing that holds people back is that right there, preserve self-image to people whose opinions don’t matter anyway.

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Was that helpful? Maybe even hurtful? I say these things because no one else is giving you these types of network marketing tips that may make you a little uncomfortable but you need to hear IF you are serious about creating network marketing success. I want you to create the life of your dreams and you can IF you get past your fears.

Feel free to share this with others and let’s make a difference today.

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