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In a network marketing team, it’s important to take power over your time and set boundaries.

Today I’m sharing how to best handle your time with your team, without feeling overwhelmed.

How To Manage Time With Your Teammates

Managing a team can be tricky at times, but really it comes down to time management.

Here’s what that looks like:

If someone on my team says, “Ray, man, I really need to crush it. I really need to do it. Can you help me out, bro?”

I’ll say, “For sure. Go do _______, and report back in.”

Then let’s say they don’t reach back out to me. Do I go to them and say, “Hey, hey, didn’t hear from you. What’s going on? Did you watch the video yet?”

No. Why would I nag them? And that’s culture.

Culture is the making of people to feel good regardless of their level of desire or level of result. People with no desire, people with no result still feel welcome. They still feel good.

So, when someone comes to me and says, “Hey bro, I really need a hit man, I need crush this thing.” I’m going to say, “Cool, great. That’s great to hear. Go do ____. Report back in. Maybe go watch the welcome video report back in and let me know.”

If I never hear from them ever again for the rest of my life, should I go to them and say, “Hey, did you watch the video?” No.

Because let’s be honest, did they? No, or they would have reached back out.

Why would I go and nag them and make them feel crummy? Why do I need to remind them that they didn’t do the work? I don’t need to remind them.

I’m here. They know how to get ahold of me. I’m not going anywhere. If they want to reach back out to me, they can.

So protecting your time is crucial when working with your team so that you don’t hinder your own success wasting time.

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