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When leading a network marketing team, dealing with teammates leaving will be inevitable and sometimes it’s hard not to internalize the situation.

Today I’m sharing the best way to handle a team member quitting.

How To Not Take It Personally When Your Team Quits

For starters, when people quit – you have to realize a few things.

One, it’s not all about you.

You’re leading a volunteer army and it is their choice to stay or go.

But here’s… Scenario happens. Teammate quits, entire organization quits. Sucks. So what are our options?

Because let’s look at what can you actually do when something like that happens. You can continue on to be sad. Which, what does that accomplish? Nothing. At all. Or you can use it as fire.

Here’s what’s cool about if you go the fire route is there are people all over the world that’s looking for good leadership, that’s looking for a good opportunity, that’s looking for mom care, not daycare, that’s looking to escape their terrible job where the boss kicks their desk or sexually harasses them. There are legions of people that are waiting to be led, that are waiting for a solution.

And if you maintain being sad because of the event, then you don’t get to impact any of these people. So the single mom that you would have impacted, can’t impact her. The disabled veteran, can’t help him or her. The person that was always picked last for soccer, can’t help him.

When something bad happens, a non-successful person will always point to an event. They’ll point to a leader leaving and the team closing its doors, the house catching fire or whatever. They’ll point to an event. But here’s the actual deal. It’s the length of time.

How long after something bad happens, how long do you remain down? That is the indicator of will you be successful or not. Because unfortunate things will happen but how you handle them is what matters.

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