Network Marketing Success Tip | Are you wondering, “How can I grow my network marketing business?” It may seem difficult to scale your business from where you are now, but there are some things you need to know first to get through this challenge! Watch this video to get important tips for business growth!

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

So, maybe you’re wondering how can I grow my network marketing business? Well my name is Ray Higdon and over the last three years,

I’ve helped network marketers just like you bringing over 300,000 new customers, 71,000 new reps and, achieved 14,000 rank advances let me show you what is working.

So first thing I’m going to cover is what to do if you’re frustrated that is really, really going to help you out. Next, I’m going to share how to best work with your team and lastly, we’ll talk about how to stay consistent.

Without being consistent, you are not going to reach your potential so let’s get you there.

So what do you do if you’re frustrated? Well, I have a couple suggestions but the first one is understand what is frustration. Frustration is we think we should be in a certain place and here’s where we think we are and it’s the gap in between. So where I think I should be versus where I think I am, that gap is the level of frustration I’m generating in my life.

Now, both of these are opinions, right? They’re opinions based on maybe what you wanted or what you dreamed of or what you intended on or hoped for versus usually an even worse opinion than your actual situation because we do tend to beat ourselves up, don’t we?

So, I want you to embrace the concept that network marketing, like any kind of sales, it really does depend on numbers. How many people are you talking to?

How many people you following up with? How many people are you getting in front of the presentation and it does also include your mindset. So, the combination of your work that you’re doing, exactly how many people that I asked if they were open and your mindset about how you feel about your journey is a big deal.

So, I have a cool exercise for you and this is something very powerful, I do it myself, I do it when I’m feeling frustrated and I think it’ll help you out. Here’s what you do. You stand up, eyes closed and I want you to move slowly counterclockwise and I want you to actually express your frustrations.

Now a lot of people won’t tell you that, they’ll tell you to only only focus on what you want, only speak the positive, don’t say anything about the bad and it’s the things that you’re suppressing that are sucking the energy out of you. And so get them out there.

Here’s what I’ve noticed from doing this kind of exercise for quite a while is that when I express the things that I’m frustrated with but then quickly you know do something else which I’ll show you, when I express them, they lose their power over me.

And so take a second, it’ll take about a minute, stand up ,eyes closed, go counterclockwise with your body, slowly moving and express all your frustrations. Express your fears, express the things that are really bothering you.

Get them out of your system then stop, go clockwise and say all the things that you want. See, the reason that people stay frustrated is energetically that’s what they’re associating and they don’t take the time to shift gears. And so this is a very powerful exercise.

If you do this when you get frustrated, you’re going to see your life change. It’s changed mine, has changed a lot of my clients as well.

So how should you be working with your team? Well first of all, you should be doing what you wish they were doing, right? You should be reaching out to people, you should bringing in new customers, bringing in new recruits. You should be doing the work that you wish those guys were doing.

Too often a leader will recruit some people, they’ll stop that energy and then focus on management mode and management mode isn’t very inspiring.

It’s not very exciting and this is going to hit you hard, the more personal time you spend with each individual in your organization, they think they have to do that to people they bring in and they don’t have the time for that so it’s actually sabotage, that might hurt you a little bit, that might sting a little bit.

Whatever you do for your team, they think they have to do.

Do most people start network marketing full-time or part-time? Part-time. So if you spend an amazing amount of time, each individual rep you have in your organization, they may say thank you but in the back of their head, they’re saying no thank you. I don’t want to do that, I don’t have the time for that.

If I recruited three people, I literally can’t see my kids because whatever you do for your team, they think they have to do so I want you to understand that. Here’s how to actually work with them.

If you have someone that isn’t working, isn’t doing the work, you know you wish that they would do more, love them for where they are, acknowledge them, don’t pressure them, see if they’re you know you can not check on them because that is viewed as a when are you gonna do something?

But instead you can inform them hey, I don’t know if you know this or not or if you want to participate but we have a contest. Hey, I don’t know if you know this or not we got a new flavor, we just launched in Uzbekistan, whatever, right? You can tell them updates but do not try to pressure them into working more.

The longer you keep them around the campfire, the more likely they’ll catch a spark so don’t make them feel bad for their lack of action. Here’s how to handle the people in action.

So if someone comes to you and says hey, I want to crush it, I want to rock this thing, I want to make it happen then here’s here’s the very simple approach. Go do this, report back in.

So what does that look like? That could be go watch the fast start report back in and let’s see what questions you have or go prospect five people, report back in, let me know how it went, let’s see what we gotta tweak and so anyone can do that, right? Anyone can tell someone go to this, report back in, very simple and it’s very helpful.

Now if they have a training type question, you should be pointing them to a video that either you created or the company created.

You should not be spending an hour with them on the phone to explain a concept when it’s not recorded, they can’t rewind it, they can’t replay it, it’s not uploaded into the cloud, they can’t point a new rep to it. It’s basically you spending your time which they think they’ll have to do, it’s actually sabotaging them.

If you’re serious about growing a network marketing business, we upload a lot of new content every single month and some of this are you know, these are the areas that you may be struggling with or that you need to improve. So, click that subscribe button. All right so how to stay consistent and consistency is the name of the game? This is the thing and this is true no matter what you’re doing.

You may have heard my example of dancing, how when I started I was really, really bad and I just kept showing up, kept showing up, kept learning, kept being open-minded and now I’ve competed in one, I’m getting ready to compete in another one.

This is also true of meditation, I started meditation about 10 months ago, did everything wrong, I laid down when they told me to sit up. I let my body rule me so I had all these aches and things I’d scratch my face and my thoughts were all over the place.

Well with consistency of just showing up and getting better, I’ve now meditated, I’ve had four hour meditations. You know I’ve actually had extremely powerful experiences in in meditation where you know I just felt happier, I felt more joy, I felt, it’s just amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I had to be consistent.

There’s so many areas of my life where when I started, I sucked but I just kept going you need to keep going. How do you keep going, right, and there’s a lot of factors to consistency.

We do dive deeper into this and some of the other videos on this channel but remember why you started is a very important one. You started for a reason.

You started because maybe you wanted to you know get away from that you know boss that doesn’t appreciate you or you wanted to stop having to work that second job or you wanted to have mom care, not day care.

I know a lot of women that started network marketing that they wanted mom care, not day care.

They just wanted to make you know a few hundred extra bucks a month so that they could spend more time you know with their kids, maybe that’s you, that’s still important.

Don’t lose sight of that. So, you know keep showing up on the days that you don’t want to and become more defiant.

Defiance is a tool, defiance is powerful and so on the days that you don’t want to feel like it and you don’t feel like doing the work, defy that. Become more defiant, show up on those days and you’ll see new results in your life that you just never would have gotten had you not been so consistent.

Now here’s a way for you to become more defiant in your business is start to become more defiant in other areas of your life.

For example with me, I had heard of the different health benefits of cold showers and so I hate cold showers, they totally suck, let’s be honest but I had heard that they help with your metabolism, they help with circulation and they help with a lot of different things.

So I knew that they were good, I never wanted to do them so I started doing them and so I can tell you to this day especially you know here as of the shooting, I’m in Utah the water is colder in Utah than in Florida, I admit but I’ve taken two warm showers in the last 10 months and I hate every one of them but it’s a form and more than the health benefits because because there are some, it’s more about me being the master, being in control.

When I became the master of just cold showers, when I came to the master of that, all of a sudden I found it easier to become the master of food. Lost 30 pounds, all of a sudden I became the master of meditation, started reaching new levels of meditation where I wasn’t before, right?

And so if you can start to become defiant in other areas of your life, you can bring that attitude, you can bring that defiance into your business as well and it’ll help you with your consistency.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Ray Higdon

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