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Network Marketing Success: How Much is Due to Your Upline?


We all want network marketing success right? Well, how much is dependent on our upline? Before you assume my answer to that question, watch this short video!

This short video may reveal places where your upline IS affecting your growth.

What Is the Biggest Trigger for Network Marketing FAILURE?

In my opinion, the biggest cause of network marketing failure is entering the profession with false expectations. Some of that can be blamed on the upline or sponsor, but not all of it. If someone enters this profession with false expectations AND never attends a company training, well, I blame them. Why enter something without taking it serious or wanting to become better at it. If someone comes hearing network marketing success stories without understanding that at first none of us knocked it out of the park and that we attended lots of training, they are doomed. Prevent this type of problem by asking prospects what they expect BEFORE you enroll them.

Network Marketing Tips for Those that WANT to Attract Leaders

1. Have a system in place. This includes fast start training, a way for the group to communicate and regular training that covers the basics at least. This can be accomplished by your upline so long as it’s congruent with what I cover in the video.

2. Be congruent. Let the world see you give love, kudos and most importantly your time to your team. Focus on the care of the team, which includes growing it, and outsiders will notice.

3. Attend all events. IF you want people to see you as a leader, even when you don’t have a team, show up to events to get better AND take pictures with leaders.

The Truth About This Profession

Network marketing is NOT get rich quick, in fact, I would argue that anything that is, doesn’t last. Network marketing is a way that you can totally change your life, if you stay focused and consistent in 2-3 years. You must have a rock solid growth and action plan along the way if you want to create network marketing success. A good upline can certainly help you in that regard but make sure you watch my below video on where I place the blame of your network marketing success (and no, it isn’t as simple as it is all about you)

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Video: Areas that Uplines CAN Affect Network Marketing Success

Was that helpful? I have been in the online MLM space for years now and let me assure you, TALENT does NOT make a great upline. You do NOT have to be a marketing guru to be a good upline and in MOST cases a marketing guru is NOT the best upline. It took me YEARS to understand the difference between marketing excellence and MULTI-LEVEL marketing excellence. There is a BIG difference. IF you got value from the above video, please share and comment, I bet the marketing guru’s in online MLM won’t appreciate me telling you the truth, oh well, I just felt it had to be said!

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