Recruiting potential network marketers can be tough, especially if you don’t have the right tools and strategies! Watch this video to learn the key aspects of network marketing and how you can start recruiting 10 people in 3 days too!

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Today we’re going to talk about network marketing recruiting. I’m going to share with you some of the components of how I recruited 10 people in three days.

In the last three years, we’ve helped network marketers bring in over 71,000 new reps even if they sucked when they found our stuff. I’m gonna show you the three biggest keys to becoming a better recruiter.

So first I’m gonna share with you the biggest key to recruiting. It’s one word and this is the word that I’ve seen make the total difference between someone who recruits a lot of people and someone who sucks.

Next, I’m gonna share with you the fastest way to recruit and actually strangely enough, with less effort and the last point I’m gonna blow your mind because I’m gonna teach you why using credibility is actually a mistake.

What you should focus on instead. Okay, so what is this big key to recruiting? What is that one word?

That one word is posture. Now I’m not talking about chiropractic, subluxation kind of posture but the posture of how you carry yourself and specifically we define posture as the belief in what you have

regardless of external acceptance or approval. And so I’m going to give you some examples but first, I want you to understand that you already have posture. You have posture around some things but probably not network marketing. If you aren’t recruiting people every single month, then you probably lack posture, and let me share with you what that looks like.

Posture means you don’t need them to agree with your dreams; posture means that you don’t need them to even accept that network marketing is valid, doesn’t matter. So, I’m going to give you an example of how I use posture to help someone recruit someone, and then I’m going to give you some examples

that you’ll identify with. So, I’m on a call with my friend Amy and Amy was an HBO executive. She later lost her job, they did away with her division but she was building her network marketing business on the side and she asked me if I would hop on a call with someone that she really looked up to, someone she respected and so she got me on a call with this lady who owns a like a Hollywood talent agency and so- and Amy didn’t do a great job of edification.

Now if you don’t know, if you’re going to get someone on the phone with a prospect, you want to edify that person and say how amazing they are and how I can’t believe we got them and they’re super busy. You know edify that person, right?

Well, Amy didn’t do that. In fact, the call started like this Ray, I have my friend on the line and she runs one of the most successful talent agencies in all of Hollywood, all the A-list actors and actresses know her and everyone in town knows her, she’s incredible and oh by the way, here’s Ray, right?

So I’m starting off I’m just a guy yeah, right?

So I’m just a little guy and here comes, I believe her name was Barbara, here comes big Barbara and her talent agency and so and it even came across on the in the call.

She goes hello, I told Amy she’s speaking like this, right, like she’s just up in this you know high in the clouds and I’m this little guy down there and she goes I told Amy, I’d look at her little home business.

How are you, Ray? I swear that’s exactly how she said it. So, you’ll never recruit someone when you’re in that kind of posture, right?

You’re like oh, good we got a great opportunity for you, right? It’s never going to work so I have to even the scales, right? She’s already called it a little home business and so this was my postured response.

My posture response was well, I’m just curious if you have such a successful agency, why are we even on the phone? All of a sudden you know there’s, she kind of sighs because there has to be a reason, right?

If someone is super successful, they’re just not going to get on the phone so, I used the information that I had as we’re on the phone, why are we even on the phone, and she goes well.

Okay, so now, she’s coming down from the you know the mountaintop, now we can speak equally and she says well you know the truth is a lot of things have changed in Hollywood and you know my agency you know we lost a few key people this last year.

Oh okay, great. See now we can have a discussion. If I’m out of posture, there’s no point so if someone is exerting power over you, if someone is they’re coming across as bigger and more powerful than you, then you’re not going to recruit them.

You need to at least get them at eye level and I hope you understand what I mean there is you can’t allow someone to come across as bigger than you, more important than you, or whatever so you got to get them, let’s have a frank conversation. And so by using posture, I was able to you know have a real conversation, not some kind of thing where I’m trying to pitch her and she ended up joining. Now, you have posture.

You have posture/ I’ll give you two examples, you have posture around electricity. If someone comes to you and says hey man, I was on WikiLeaks last night and turns out electricity is a scam.

You’re not going to say oh my god, oh no. All this time.

No. You’ll say, I don’t know, right? You turn the lamp off. You’re like I mean, I know how it works but I think it’s real, right? You have posture around electricity. You also have posture around your kids.

So if your kids are on the playground, they’re playing and someone comes up and says hey, is that your kid? Yeah, that’s my kid. They’re kind of ugly.

Are you going to justify that and say oh no? No, they have a great personality and you see their little ears. I know they’re really cute.

No, you’re going to say get out of here, buddy. You’re not going to buy into their nonsense. You have posture around electricity, you have posture around your kids and I have posture around network marketing.

I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen it work for people that were homeless, I’ve seen it work for people who have bad credit, I’ve seen it work for people who are low income, I’ve seen it work for people who struggled all their life and so I’ve seen it work. You need to believe that it works.

It works if you put in the work. Don’t let anyone outside of you pull your posture down and have you believing that they’re right about it not working.

All right so let me share with you the fastest way to recruit. The fastest way to recruit is to follow up. If you’re looking for speed, it is following up, it’s not reaching out to new.

Now, I’m not saying not to reach out to new or if you are brand new, maybe you don’t have anyone to follow up with so obviously do as much research as possible. Now, I will tell you that you can reduce the amount of time it’ll take you to succeed by reaching out to more people, right, so it is- no matter what anybody tells you, at the end of the day it is a numbers game.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you don’t care about people, that doesn’t mean that you know you’re just spamming people but it is a numbers game, right, and so I’m suggesting against spamming, I’m suggesting against you know don’t not care about people but again it is a numbers game.

Now for speed, I would first go back to the people that you’ve already reached out to and this is something that I’ve always been a master at.

I remember I was teaching follow-up at a event, I was doing in Fort Myers, Florida and this guy raised his hand and it was my buddy Dean and Dean he works for or I don’t know if he still does but he worked for a payroll company that I had worked with you know years you know before and he says hey, can I show something and I’m like sure and so he holds up i don’t even know what he’s going to show.

He holds up his phone and he says these are all the texts that Ray sent me when he was building a team and they went from 2009 all the way to 2015.

For six years, I just dripped on that guy. Hey man, we’re having a meeting, we’d love to see you.

Hey, man. There’s some new people coming in, we’d love to introduce you to him. Hey man, I know it’s probably not a fit for you but do you know anybody?

Now, I just rattled off a few very powerful follow-up phrases for you that you can use right now but follow-up is a key to speed because this is someone that either knows you or someone who’s even been exposed to your opportunity video or whatever tool that you use and this is one of the main ways that I recruited 10 people in three days.

Now that doesn’t mean that I recruited 10 people every three days but there was a period of time I went to a company event, I was fired up and excited and I just literally went through all of my text messages and I reached out to people that I hadn’t already reached out to about the opportunity and I also followed up with people that I had reached out to.

There was one guy who had told me no seven times. Seven times he’s like no dude, I just don’t understand. I’m just not doing it. Now he was never rude about it, he was never you know a jerk about it or anything like that so I kept following up and if someone’s really rude and nasty then I don’t want him in my team so I’ll stop following up with him.

But this guy told me no seven times. He ended up joining, he ended up quitting his job which he still hasn’t you know it’s been years and years and years later, he still doesn’t have a job, he works from home now and he built a six-figure business from home. So, how many noes are you getting before you give up?

I just didn’t give up, I kept reaching out to people and so I remember being in that convention and on that final day, I reached out and said hey man, I know you weren’t interested in it before but you know, we just added this new program. Would you be open to take a look at it?

I think it could make you extra money or hey, I know it’s not a fit for you but we’re actually working with a lot of realtors. Do you know any realtor friends that might want to benefit from this?

And so following up is a key to speed and just know that it is a numbers game. Now recruiting is one of the components of building a successful network marketing business.

Now when I first hinted at not using credibility, I bet that threw you for a loop like what do you mean? I wish I had more, right? You see most people, they don’t understand the essence of network marketing and so they think they have to be credible, they have to be an influencer, they have to you know have a big following.

The truth is that’s not what network marketing was designed for. So, I was taught by a gentleman named Larry Thompson and Larry Thompson, he actually joined network marketing the same night at the same hotel that Jim Rohn joined network marketing and he’s been training network marketers for over 50 years, he’s a good friend of mine and he taught me the essence of network marketing.

The essence of network marketing is that anyone can do it. Now if everybody thinks they need more credibility and influence, then can everyone do it?

No, and so when I understood that, I stopped relying on my charisma and my attitude and my past accolades and all the things that I’ve done to brag about. I stopped that and focused on the system. If I can do it, you can do it.

This is so important, I want to give you a quick story that’ll help you understand this so, I remember being at a Blue Martini in Naples, Florida, great place.

And so I’m at Blue Martini and I’m with some of my teammates and I go up to the bar and there’s a guy there and we just start you know chat and just start rattling and so he was a realtor I believe and you know we were just you know chatting and so I’m like hey man, well I got my drink, I’m gonna go back to my group but listen, I love working with- love working with realtors. Do you have a business card?

I’d love to follow up with you and share what I do to you know work with realtors, make some extra money, won’t interfere with what you’re doing you know and I promise I’ll follow up with you.

I know, it’s crazy, Blue Martini and so he gives me his card, I follow up with him the next day, I get him on a video, he watches the video and he decides to join. And so he joins.

About a month later, we’re in Tampa, Florida at a company event and so I’m you know kind of walking around and I haven’t talked to him much the last you know few weeks but he, you know, he came to the event and so I’m walking around and I see him and he like sees me and his eyes get big and he runs over to me he’s like dude, you’re like the big deal here.

I mean he happened to come to the convention where I earned a BMW 7 Series, they had a cardboard cut out of me, it was you know awkward, right?

And he’s like dude, you’re like the number one earner of this company like why didn’t you tell me that? I said well the reason I didn’t tell you that is because you can’t say that. So literally everything I said to him from the moment I met him were things that he could use too. I didn’t go in there and show my check. Look at this because he can’t do that.

All I did was rely on the system and so you don’t need credibility.

In fact, if you have credibility, it’s even more important for you to use the system because if you don’t like let’s say you’re a hotshot salesperson or really influential in town, you’re just you know dapper dan whatever, you’re gonna have people say yeah, it’s easy for you to do but I couldn’t do it because they think it’s about your personality, your charisma, your skillset, your background, your influence, etc.

Instead, you need to make it very system-focused.

If you just follow the system, you’re going to create results and so can anybody follow your system, that’s the key if you want massive duplication and a massive check.

So, those are the components that help me recruit 10 people in three days. Between follow up, between using posture, and between me not pitching in on how great I am but pitching them on how easy the system is to follow, that’s what got me those recruits.

Not my credibility, not me trying to impress them or any of those things but be leaning on the system in a postured way and following up with people that I’d reached out to before was the three major keys to me recruiting 10 people in three days.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Ray Higdon

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