Today I’m going to give you the most simple and effective network marketing recruiting scripts.

First I’m going to cover what exactly to say when you are reaching out to someone that you don’t know. Next I’m going to cover what to say to your friends and family members. Lastly, I’m going to cover what to say to people that know you, but they’ve also seen you fail or struggle at a bunch of stuff.

My team suggested that I do this post because a lot of people are always looking for “what scripts do I suggest” and what have I been teaching all these different years. In the last three or four years, we have helped network marketers just like you bring in over 300,000 new customers, 71,000 new reps and achieve 14,000 rank advances, so we know our stuff works. We wanted to put this post together as kind of a “bread and butter” so that you know how to reach out to people and there’s one source for these reach out scripts.

Now there are other scripts like, how to overcome objections, how to close, how to be more persuasive, but today we are focused on reach outs. How do you reach out to people in all those different situations.

What do you say when reaching out to someone that doesn’t know you?

All right so number one, what to say when you reach out to someone that you don’t know on social media? Well first of all should you do this? Is this a big no-no, is this terrible? There are a lot of influencers that don’t need this skill that bash it. It would be like Brad Pitt bashing “handsome cream.” It’s like, “oh well, he was kind of born a good-looking dude, wasn’t he?” It really is a funny phenomenon that we have in our profession where the influencer that has a lot of influence and a big following and a big team already, bashes cold messaging. Cold messaging is it’s just an option, that’s all it is. Do I think it’s the very best option? I don’t think it’s the very best option, but for me to bash an option means to turn off the money spigot of people that might have only done it that way. I have met a lot of people that look at attraction marketing and they think it’s a big pain in the butt. They think oh my god, this takes forever like how many videos I got to do before someone reaches out to me? They’d rather just get in there and make it happen and start hitting numbers.

For example, if you’re asking the question of well does cold messaging really work? Well one of our students is Christina Danielle. Christina Danielle is the number one recruiter in her company, oh and by the way her company is a pet supplies company and she doesn’t have a pet. She’s the number one recruiter and she’s done it 100% by cold messaging. She just says, “hey listen, I’m busy and this is a lot faster than all that attraction marketing stuff.” Now I’m not bashing attraction marketing, I actually prefer it but I’m willing to put in the work. Some people have a bunch of kids, have a bunch of jobs, they don’t have the time to do what it takes to become a good attraction marketer but they would send messages, they would send scripts. Christina is an amazing example of that. By the way her company used to bash cold messaging until she became the number one recruiter and they’re like “well maybe we should rethink this….”

What do you say? Well first of all know what someone is thinking when you reach out to them? They are wondering, do I know you, what do you want and why are you messaging me? Be honest, that’s what you would think. It’s no different. It’s what you think. Do I know this person, what do they want and why are they messaging me in particular? People will say “no, you have to build rapport.” Well building rapport is not easy. I mean that’s something that most people are not good at. If they were, they would have more friends. Most people don’t have a lot of close friends, most people don’t have a lot of friends and they’re not good at building rapport. That’s like giving the person that’s visually impaired a Rubik’s cube and saying yeah, just build a report. I don’t know what that means?

If you’re talking about network marketing, you’re talking about duplication. You know who makes the most money is the person that gets the most duplication, period. We have clients that have teams of over 750,000 people in their organization. Obviously had some duplication.

When you’re reaching out to someone, is it okay to get to the point? Not only is it okay, it’s actually better because it answers the questions in their mind. Now that doesn’t mean to hit them with a link, that doesn’t mean to hype them or promise them all kinds of stuff. No, there’s a particular way to do it. Spam is assuming the position of the prospect without any evidence. If you’re sending a message to someone you don’t know and saying “hey, I have this thing that’s awesome, you’d be great at it and here’s the link….” that’s assuming a lot. Example, the guy can walk up to the girl at the hotel bar and say “I have a room upstairs…” that would be assuming a lot, wouldn’t it? or he could go and say, “hey, are you here with anyone? Can I buy you a drink?” that’s not assuming anything. He’s just asking the question, that’s what you need to be doing in your cold messaging.

When I was cold messaging and consistently recruiting people every single month, consistently making customer sales every single month, I kept it very simple. I linked the reason of “why them” to either location or occupation.

Here’s an example. “Hey, I know we don’t know each other but I see that you’re a realtor, I happen to work with a lot of realtors, would you be open to taking a look at a way we have to make money on social media that doesn’t interfere with what you’re doing? If you’re open to it, great, if not, no big deal.

Now first of all, who’s offended by that? I said it’s okay if they’re open and okay if they’re not open, that’s okay. Who’s up in arms at that? Who’s like how dare you tell me it’s okay if I’m not interested, right? Nobody. I mean no one except unless they’re an existing network marketer. Network marketers are cannibalistic so if you send that message to an existing network marketer, they’re going to screenshot it and bash you and burn something on your lawn. I don’t know. They’re going to do something crazy so don’t send that to an existing network marketer. If you’re sending it to someone outside of network marketing, they’re not going to be offended. Now they may say no, but they at least see that you’re being up front. You didn’t sneakily friend request them first and then hit them. No, I’m saying don’t do that. Don’t connect with them, don’t give them a false premise, just be very straightforward.

I know we don’t know each other, I see that you’re a realtor, –  that’s why you. I have this thing, would you be open to take a look at it? If not, no big deal.” That is the simplest way and it’s the way that so many of our students have gotten results before they had a massive platform, before they had influence, before they had a huge following. Anyone can do this extremely duplicatable and although it’s not the only option, it is a great option.

What do you say to people you do know? 

Okay so we talked about cold messaging, what about people that you do know. There’s two different versions of this. I will share the last one with my final point. If you’re someone that’s failed at a bunch of stuff and you’ve talked to your friends, you’re in a different category and I’ll talk about that next.

You are just wanting to raise awareness with people that know you, your friends, your family member, co-workers etc. keep it simple.

Do not over promise, do not assume anything and do not feel entitled. Oh my god, this is literally the worst. When someone joins a network marketing company and they’re like “hey, I just started this business you want to order the 90 count or the 180 count?”

I’m like wait, “what are you saying?”

“Well I helped you move in college.”

“Thanks.” Didn’t know that it was a future favor that I was giving you. What is it, a friend tax? Stop being entitled. This is a business. I want you to put yourself in the situation. Let’s say you buy a lumber yard. Let’s just think outside the box. You buy a lumber yard, do you call your friends and say, “hey get down here and buy a piece of plywood?” No, that would be very weird but would you call them and say, “hey you may or may not know but I just got this lumber yard. If you need a two by four or a piece of plywood, come on down, I’ll hook you up.” You would probably make them aware but you wouldn’t like feel entitled to them buying a two by four from you, that’d be very, very strange. But people do it in network marketing all the time and then they call their friends toxic. This is a business. They’re not toxic, you’re toxic for assuming and being entitled. Stop it.

Build it like a business. Don’t ask for favors, this is a business.

What drives a business? Value, providing solutions. Why do I buy from different businesses? Because they help me. What’s in it for me? You need to find out is what you’re doing whether the opportunity of making money on the side or the product or service, whatever that does, lose weight or creamy skin or glittery hair, whatever. Is that something they’re open to? Is that something they’re looking for, because if it’s not, then they probably shouldn’t buy. They shouldn’t just support you like this is girl scout cookies. This isn’t girl scout cookies, it’s a business.

When you reach out to someone that you know, just say, “hey listen. You may not be aware but I’m doing this thing to make some extra money with a product that does this_____. Would you be open to learning more about that. If not, totally cool. I love you, appreciate you but if you are open to learning more, I’m happy to send you more information.”

Keep it simple. Who’s going to be pissed at that? Who’s going to say how dare you. See if I’m open to more information, tell me and it’s okay if I’m not? No one. You’re not going to lose any friends There shouldn’t be an NFL, no friends left league. Don’t be entitled, don’t be pushy, don’t be hype-y and just make it really, really simple.

Do this next.

Before we get to my last point, make sure if you are building a network marketing business, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. We roll out 20 high quality videos every single month for free and it’s really simple. Just hit that subscribe button, hit the bell so you get notified and a lot of times we give away prizes. We have a lot of fun and there isn’t a topic in network marketing that we don’t cover on our channel so make sure you subscribe.

What if the people around you have seen you struggle and fail at a lot of stuff?

Let’s get to that last point. Now what if the people around you have seen you struggle and fail at a lot of stuff? Okay, well you have what I would call a burnt market, not a warm market. You know you have a burnt market if you go to your friends and say, “hey if you hand me a five dollar bill, I’ll hand you a 20 back”

and they say, “no, no. I’m good bro. I’m good. No, no, no, no, not for me man. Not for me.”

“No, no. Really, I have a 20 right here. Just hand me that five.”

“No, no, I’m good, I’m good.”

What it really means is they’re immune to your money message. There’s nothing under the sun that you can say regarding money that they will listen to. Not only should you not mention money, you actually need to deflect the business. Now I’ve been teaching this for quite a few years and I have never not one time had someone that would swear on a stack of bibles that their warm market would never buy anything from them and not get a customer by doing this. You ready? All right here’s what you do.

I want you to deflect the business. Okay go to your burnt market, the people that don’t believe in you, the people that have seen you struggle, the people that have seen you hop from thing to the thing to thing to thing. You know one day you’re doing online surveys and the next day you’re doing lottery tickets or whatever. I want you to go to them and say, “hey listen. I realize what I’m doing as a business isn’t a fit for you but I think you might like the product. The product helps with ____.”

Now first of all they’ve never heard you say that the business isn’t a fit for them so that’s going to stand out like…what, wait…What? Because they’ve become contrarian to you and when people are contrarian, you need to tell them things you wouldn’t normally say. So say, “hey, I know the business isn’t a fit for you but I think you might like the product. It actually helps with losing weight, it helps with more energy, it helps with sleeping, it helps with you know less pain, it helps with stress relaxation, whatever your product helps with.” You do that to 20 people that you would swear will never buy anything from you and watch what happens. I’ve never had someone actually do this and not get a customer from it. Sometimes they’ll say “okay, well tell me more…” and you send them a video and then you’ll have people say, “well why wouldn’t I do this as a business?” and you have got to please calm down your excitement.

Don’t blow it here. Just say, “oh well huh. I mean I guess you could.”

Do the burnt market script and you’ll be amazed at what happens.

Did you like those scripts?

Make sure you drop me a comment, let me know and also if you want some of my other scripts such as overcoming objections, is that a pyramid or no one makes money, only the people at the top or any of those common ones or the ones like I don’t have the money or I don’t have the time. Would you like to know how to overcome those? Well we have a social media script book that will really help you ( and this is something that will really help. Just click the link and it will take you directly to it.

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