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Network Marketing Recruiting:

One Thing People Hate


This video today is a little controversial but it is aimed to help you in your network marketing recruiting. Pay attention and get the core message of caring for others.

There is ZERO reason why people should be turned off by network marketing so watch this video to help this cause.

What IS Network Marketing?

I talk about this in the below video but what is network marketing, really? What are the core messages? To me, network marketing represents leveraged income, self development, pay for performance, residual income which can all equate to FREEDOM. Who is turned off by any of that? The answer is NO ONE, however, they CAN be turned off by the messengers of network marketing.

The Biggest Mishap of MLM Prospecting

To me, the biggest mistake that network marketers make, when they are prospecting, is saying too much. However, to dive a little deeper, the fastest way to turn people off is to only care about YOUR agenda and to twist that agenda and believe that you are on a mission and HAVE to sign that person up.

The reason this is NOT a good approach is it is SOOO difficult to convey the savior message when you are being compensated to do so. Inside the video I break down exactly what I mean by this. YES, we should ALL believe that our network marketing company is the greatest of all time and that should be conveyed in our network marketing recruiting but when you push past caring about the free will or opinions of others, you cross the line. If you want to get better results in your network marketing recruiting WITHOUT chasing away your friends and family members, watch the below video to hear exactly what I am warning you against that I truly believe will help you.

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Video: Avoid This in Your Network Marketing Recruiting!

Believe me, I LOVE network marketers and the passion we ALL have for our companies but PLEASE treat this like a business. I hope that this didn’t offend you and you see that I am looking out for you and hoping to help you get better results in your network marketing recruiting WITHOUT turning people off.

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