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Network Marketing Recruiting Tips – Phone Skills Training

This is the first in a series of blogs I am going to be doing on Network Marketing Recruiting Mastery. It is the #1 skill you need to work on that will make all of your other efforts more profitable. Good network marketing recruiters know this and you will see what I mean in this quick post.

What About Traffic and Leads?

Let me give you two options, and you tell me what you prefer:

a) Spending tons of money on leads but because of sucking on the phone, not being able to close hardly any or any at all.
b) Becoming a master network marketing recruiter that closes 30% minimum of every lead you ever talk to.

Hopefully, you see the benefit in option b. With that being said, why is it so many people spend all their time and money on leads and traffic if they suck on the phone? The real answer is most people want the easier route and facing your fear is higher pain than simply fulfilling the image of working on your business.

 Face This Fear, and You Will Become Rich

I am the guy that in this day and age of the bastardization of my beloved industry is beating the unpopular drum that you DO need to get on the phone with people and get better at communications. Most marketers are selling you push button, fluffy pillow baloney solutions that at some point I assume you guys will stop buying. But, lets assume the guru’s are still able to sell you these crazy pie in the sky solutions forever, well, if you get better at network marketing recruiting, then, they actually might work a little better so long as you don’t fully follow the guru instructions of NOT getting on the phone.

“Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish for YOU to be better” – Jim Rohn

Network Marketing Recruiting Task Goal Overview

This idea came from a coaching session (like most of my good ideas actually) with a teammate of mine. Having a specific goal for each task in regards to the phone is an idea I should have written about before this. This can be used by you as a quick guideline on what you want to get out of each task you are performing.

Leaving a Voicemail – The goal is to simply get called back. Most people trying to be network marketing recruiters will say too much on a voicemail, especially with their warm market. You will find that your warm market is the best people to talk to but also where we break the most rules of network marketing recruiting.

Calling a cold prospect – This might be because you do the business card grab or you are randomly calling realtors or small business owners. The goal of this is to get to the point quickly. They don’t know you and vice versa so you are going to have to persuade them to listen to you quickly. The best resource I have seen for this is from my friend Todd Falcone.

Calling a cold lead – This might be from you purchasing leads, this is someone that doesn’t know you. The goal of this is to reduce their resistance quickly as they have probably opted into 50 things and they are usually skeptical. Focus on helping them and listening. Do NOT pitch them quickly or you will lose them.

Calling back a warm lead – This is someone that opted into your page, blog, etc. They may know a little about you but don’t assume they know all about you. Some of them will, some will not. Similar to calling a cold lead, focus on them and how you can help. A lot of times people ask me if I pitch them my primary company or MLSP when I call them and the answer is, it depends on their needs. Do most listening on this one too.

 Spending on Fears

I heard someone that you should always focus on what you are good at and not to bother at what you are not good at. I agree in specific instances to this but NOT when it comes to facing your fears with becoming better network marketing recruiters by getting better on the phone. There is a good chance you would NOT be reading this blog if I never faced my fear of public speaking. That single skill has led me to a large majority of my success in network marketing and had I chosen to not get better, I probably would not be in this industry.

Do not be afraid to spend money on your biggest return on investment skill – Network marketing recruiting. In my product, My Sponsoring Secrets, I talk about how important it is to get better at closing before you even go crazy with prospecting. Too often I see people get briefly pumped about MLM prospecting but get discouraged because they simply do not know how to close and blow the sale. Your bank account will thank you by constantly getting better on the phone and at network marketing recruiting and I look forward to seeing you on stage celebrating!

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