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Network Marketing Recruiting: Getting High Quality People

network marketing recruiting

If you are serious about network marketing recruiting, I HOPE you invest some time thinking about getting high quality people.

This short video shares two tips that without them, you will NOT recruit any high quality people.

Shouldn’t You Talk to Everyone?

You should certainly give everyone a chance at creating more freedom in their life via the network marketing and residual income model. However, several reasons should have you thinking about investing at least SOME of your time in your network marketing recruiting efforts toward high quality people.

1. High quality people are typically more open minded than people that haven’t achieved financial or professional success in their lives. There’s a reason they have achieved some success and sometimes it is simply because they were open to either taking a risk or they invested in themselves to get educated and connect with other high achievers.

2. Birds of a feather, flock together. High quality people typically hang out with other high quality people and usually the higher up the economic chain, the more connected you find those people to other high quality individuals. It takes the same amount of time to practice your network marketing recruiting skills on high quality people as it does those that have yet to create success so why not?

Again, just because this post is focused on high quality people does NOT mean to pre-judge anyone or not offer the opportunity to someone, remember, when I get serious about network marketing I was in foreclosure =)

Video: THE Two Tips you NEED in your Network Marketing Recruiting

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