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Network Marketing Recruiting: Don’t Be Pushy

network marketing recruiting

Every network marketer I know wants to improve their network marketing recruiting so they close more reps.

Here’s the secret to closing more reps without being pushy.

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What is the SECRET to Closing without Being Pushy?

It’s actually very simple. People who are pushy and turn us off are the ones that fail to inspire us to WANT to take action, instead it is THEIR idea that we take action. That is someone who is pushy, you know the type right? No one wants to be labeled as pushy but they want more network marketing recruiting results right?

The below video will help you with the right mindset and even some exact phrases to use to get more results with your network marketing recruiting and NEVER be accused of being pushy.

Video: Non-Pushy Network Marketing Recruiting

There is a second part to improved recruiting without being pushy and that is manage the energy and don’t be addicted to the outcome. There definitely comes a time where you stop asking someone the questions I share in the video as they have disqualified themselves.

If this was helpful and you like the questions I teach in the video, share this with your teammates and Join the conversation below, what question was your favorite? Do you think this way of thinking can help you get more results in your recruiting?

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