Today I’m going to share network marketing questions to ask prospects to make more money.

First I’m going to share with you the questions that help me make millions of dollars. Next, I’m going to share the biggest mistake and why you have to know when to ask the right kind of questions. Lastly, I’m going to share the number one concept to understand how to really make more money. You may want to have a pad and a pen or a way to type out because I’m going to give you some of the questions that help me make millions and millions of dollars.

What are the questions I used that helped me make millions of dollars?

First I’m going to share how I approach them and also what questions that I use. When I reached out to my warm market (now I had tried a lot of things…I used to be a serial entrepreneur) if you’ve tried a whole bunch of different things, well that was me. I had failed in a dozen different network marketing companies, I had lost it all in real estate, I had an advertising franchise, I had a title company, I was a mortgage broker. I tried all these different things before I found the things that worked for me. If you’ve been through a lot of things, don’t worry, there’s hope.

When I reached out to my warm market, I knew that there would be some skepticism, I knew that I may hear some negative feedback. Here’s how I approached them in a (what I call) postured way. By the way, you’ll notice that I’m using language for opportunity and that’s a distinction. The people that knew me knew that I was into business, into making money or at least trying to make money and so I was kind of known that way. If you’re not known that way then you should probably stick to leading with product. Sometimes it’s weird if someone who’s never watched Shark Tank or read an Entrepreneur Magazine, all of a sudden they join network marketing, they go to their friends and are like, “hey we’re going to be rich” it’s like “huh? Who are you?” but it would be totally natural if you pitched them a product or brought up a product for sleeping, energy, weight loss, whatever. Just know the distinction.

I went to my warm market with this I said, “hey I’m doing this thing to make some extra money. Are you open to take a look at what I’m doing? Just so you know this is something I’m going to do with or without you. I’d love to do it with you. If you’re open, great. If not, no big deal.” The question was around are you open to taking a look, but I postured it before and after to make sure that they understood that I wasn’t desperate or needy or I really needed them to join. I wasn’t pushy or aggressive. I said “listen, I’m going to do it with or without you. I’d love to do it with you. If you’re open to learning more, great. If not, no big deal.” A lot of people told me no, that’s okay. Some said yes. I had multiple (probably at least three that I can think of) in my warm market that ended up joining me that went on to become six figure earners. They started making over a hundred thousand dollars a year and that was just in my warm market. This is a very very powerful way of just seeing if they’re open.

Let’s talk about a different kind of question.

Have you ever had someone attend a meeting for your opportunity or watch the video and they didn’t like the video. They’re like, “this is terrible” or “what a terrible meeting” or “I hate this.” If someone has agreed to watch a video and watches it or they agree to attend a meeting and attend it then it’s because they want something. They want something new in their life, they want to make more money or they want the benefit of a product or they want to meet new people. They want something because the person that doesn’t want anything, they don’t watch the video. They don’t attend the meeting. When I had people that didn’t like the video or didn’t like the meeting, I would ask them this question. “What were you hoping to see?” This is such a powerful question because this goes back to, what was the purpose of them attending.

The purpose of them attending is probably something we could help. Here’s what I noticed from asking this hundreds if not thousands of times. I never (when I said “well what were you hoping to see?“) heard something crazy. I never heard “I hope it grows my arm back” or “I hoped I could pour it on the lawn and gold bullion spit out of the ground.” I just never heard anything crazy. I heard things that we could actually help with…“I wish I could do it part-time,” “I wish I could do it at night,” “I wish I could do it as a single person.” I heard all these and they are just misconceptions from the video or the meeting and those are things that we could actually help clarify.

These are very powerful questions that you could be asking your prospect to get them closer to the sale.

What is the biggest mistake you can make?

The biggest thing not to do, the biggest mistake that you could be making is not paying attention to the position of the prospect. Now, the position of the prospect is where are they? What have they told you? What do you know about their desire for being in your company, using your product, using your service? If you don’t understand position and you don’t pay attention to position, then you run the risk of being spammy. You run the risk of assuming too much.

Have you ever had a friend come to you and say, “hey, I’m doing this new thing and you should totally do it, it’s awesome.” Well, it’s a little pushy. It’s a little like they’re entitled to your opinion already even though they’ve never asked it. Don’t assume, ask. I never saw it as my job to close every person I know or close every person around me but I did see it as my job to see who was open. I was more addicted to my activity than their response. I want to see who’s open. “Are you open to taking a look?” “No. Okay cool.” “You open to taking a look?” “Okay cool.” I wasn’t pushing them, I wasn’t being aggressive, I was just asking, “are you open?” The big mistake that most network marketers make is they just don’t respect the position.

The prospect will say, “I hate the video, it was no good.”

“Well you should join anyway because you want to make money, don’t you?”

That’s not very effective. In the absence of progress, fall back on position. This is why I asked that question of “what were you hoping to see?” right? That’s falling back on position. Don’t assume when you’re talking to any prospect.

Let’s hear from you. 

Before we get to my last point, now is your chance. It’s an amazing chance. Constantly I’m hit with people that give me a scenario and they’re like what would you say in this scenario, Ray? In the comments, drop me your scenario. Where are you struggling? Drop me a scenario that you have with a particular prospect or your brother-in-law or whatever. Give me the scenario in the comments and I’ll give you my very best response. It’ll probably be a question, so drop that in the comments. I want to help you out, I read and respond to every single comment. So drop that comment.

What is the number one thing for you to make more money?

It’s very simple and I wish more people talked about this, but it’s something we call pipeline. Pipeline is the number of people you reach out to, the number of people you follow up with, the number of times you set an appointment (maybe it’s sending out samples) but it’s you keeping track of the prospects that you’re reaching out to, connecting with and following up with each day. This is very important. By the way network marketing is incredible but it’s not magical or mystical. It’s not an industry where everyone has success or makes money. No. Everyone who works a pipeline makes money. It may be different timelines. Some people enter network marketing and they’ve done a lot of things right and they just hit it off and make money quickly, other people takes a little bit.

In fact we have a student Amy who is a network marketing for 17 years and had never made more than she spent. She found our social media training, she’s now a million-dollar earner for her company. 17 years. If you’re taking a long time…there’s still a chance, there’s still hope. She took 17 years. You think she’s mad at those 17 years? No it makes her story so powerful and so amazing. We love Amy and we are so so proud of her.

Understand pipeline. How many people you reaching out to, following up with, setting appointments with etc. and if your company does samples, maybe it’s how many people you’re sending samples to and you tracking those. This is so important not just in network marketing but anything in sales. If you’re in car sales, you track your prospects, if you’re in mortgages, you track your prospects, if you’re in real estate, you track your prospects. Not magical or mystical, just build and follow that pipeline.

Would you like more questions, more network marketing prospecting questions?

We have 30 of them in a free download. It has my 30 best network marketing questions to use with your prospects so that you make more money. Here is the link,, click that link, enter your information and you’re going to get it for free.

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