Ever have someone join your network marketing team only to quit their very first week?

It happens but there is ONE question that can actually reduce this big time, let me show you.

Network Marketing Success and Questions

IF you want to recruit more, you need to ask better questions. We put together 30 of our best recruiting questions over on this blog post – 30 Network Marketing Recruiting Questions

However, there is also a single question that you can use to help retain more people that you bring into your organization.

First, why do YOU think some people quit quickly?

I would say there are two main reasons:

  1. They didn’t have the right expectations (were told it was easy, told they would make a ton of money without doing anything, etc) or
  2. They weren’t prepared for social rejection or to hear the negative opinions of their warm market

To prevent people from quitting for the first reason, just don’t hype and be honest that this IS a profession and an actual business that takes time to grow. Get them to an event as well.

The second reason will have someone quit faster as most people crumble like crackers when they face rejection or are told a differing opinion. If you want to prevent people from quitting for THIS reason, there is a question that I devised and tested over the years that worked like a charm.

The question, preferably said as early on as possible after you have brought the person onboard is, “Are you easily affected by the opinions of others?”

I assure you, NO ONE will ever say yes to that even though for most people, it is true. Most people ARE easily affected by the opinions of others but the idea of being spineless and weak is never appealing to anyone so they will always answer “NO” defiantly.

Why this Works

When someone willingly identifies themselves as a certain type of person, they will want to protect that labeling. If you want to dive deep on this topic you can read Robert Cialdini’s book on Influence.

WHEN your prospect enevitibly encounters people who have a negative view or outlook on network marketing, they will remember your talk with them and identify what the negative person is saying as an opinion and be MUCH less susceptible to it.

IF you have people that have quit your team before even 7 days, try this method out, it will make them more powerful in their prospecting and more stout in their stance with growing their business.

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