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A lot of network marketers get their prospects to say YES, then end up losing the sale.

How? In this training I will share exactly what you need to do after your prospect says YES.

Prospect Said Yes? How To Not Lose The Sale

What if someone says, “I’m ready to join,” you send them a link, and then nothing?

I usually didn’t do it that way. I’ll be honest.

If someone said, “I’m ready to sign up,” I’d say, “Cool. All right, awesome. Well, what’s your mailing address?”

I actually got their information and I put it in myself because I know I’m going to get it in there.

If someone says, “I’m ready to sign up.” And you say, “Here’s the link.” …..There’s many things that can go wrong there.

2 Reasons Why They Don’t Sign Up

1. Something Is Going To Happen

They’re going to have a blown car tire. The toilet’s going to over flood. The kid’s going to scrape their knee. Something’s going to happen. The school’s going to call them, and they have to go in.

There’s a million things that could go wrong once they say, “I’m ready to join.” And you just send them a link.

There’s a million things that could go wrong.

2. Unclear Form

Have you been to a network marketing order form? They’re usually not great.

There’s usually 532 options. Do you want the platinum with the this? Do you want the gold package with the that? Upgrade to VIP with the this? Do you want just this individual lipstick? Do you want just the mascara? Well, do you want the dark mascara or the light mascara? There’s 532,000 options, and a confused mind doesn’t buy.

If you’re relying on the persuasiveness of your network marketing company order form, good luck with that.

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How To Keep The Sale

So, a confused mind doesn’t buy. And, this is why I would always grab their information.

Grab Their Information

I would just say, “Hey, I’m curious. What’s your mailing address?”

Now, where some people will argue with me and say, “Ray, come on. Come on, Ray. No one’s giving your their credit card. No one’s giving you their social security number, Ray? Not happening.”

Well, I did it to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds … If I had to guess, I probably took the information over the phone of 800 people, and it made sense. If I’m communicating with them, and they understand the price, it makes sense.

How To Collect Their Info

Now, I said, “Okay, what’s your credit card, are you using Visa, Mastercard?”

Now, if I was like, “Hey, do you mind giving me your credit card? Is that okay?” Then guess what? They’re NOT going to give it.

But, I would say, “Okay, cool, what’s your credit card? What’s it start with? Visa? Okay, cool. That’s a 47 … What’s the rest of that?”

Now, if they said, “Now, wait a minute. You’re getting my credit card information?

I would say “Yeah, it goes right into the computer. I don’t keep any of that information.” And, I’ll  say “Well, typically people give me their credit card information to get it in the computer. Make it nice and easy for you.”

I would say fewer than 10 people had an issue with it. And they said, “Social? What do you need that for?” I’m like, “You know what? Unfortunately, we got this thing called Uncle Sam, and Uncle Sam wants their money. So when you start killing it and making lots of money, unfortunately, you’re going to have to pay taxes on that. That’s why I have to get the social. I wish I didn’t have to, but I do. What’s the social?”

Just asked, and they told me. Not one time did I lose a sale because someone didn’t give me their credit card information or didn’t give me their social security number. Not one time.

So, I always wanted to control the information.

Direct Your Prospect

Now, if you weren’t willing to do that, like maybe you’re too nervous nelly to grab their information. If you’re too nervous nelly then what I would do, is I would say, “Okay, cool. Are you by a computer?” Then direct them.

“Okay, go to this website. Are you there? What do you see?”

“I see a picture of a protein powder.”

“Okay, great. Alright, I want you to select that first button up top. I want you to scroll down. There’ll be 14 different options there. Ignore the first 14, click the 15th option. After the 15th option, it’s going to pop up a box. Click yes to that, and then after you click yes to that, then you go on to the next page, and on the next page it’s going to ask … ”

See, if you walk them through, then that’s fine.

I preferred taking the information. To me, it was more efficient, faster, I could just knock it out and be done with it. I wouldn’t just send them the link because I’m going to assume that their going to have a bicycle accident. They’re going to have something go wrong.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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