Today we are going to talk about network marketing online lead generation.

First I’m going to share with you the basics of how to actually generate a lead, how to get someone reaching out to you. Second, I’m going to share with you probably the number one mistake that network marketers make when it comes to attempting to generate leads. Lastly, I’m going to share the hottest way to generate leads right now.

How do you generate a lead?

What are the basics here? Well think about yourself. Why do you reach out to somebody or why do you put your name and email on something? It’s because you want something. There’s something, you’re exchanging your time or your data for that is something that you want. When it comes to generating a lead, there needs to be some reason. I see a lot of times people say “fill out your name and email to get on my newsletter.” No one on the planet wants to be on another newsletter. That may have worked 27 years ago or however long ago but now, no one in the world wants another newsletter. No one wants it. You may think well someone does.

You have to think about the person that doesn’t know you. Someone that doesn’t know you would rather hammer their fingers than take a newsletter every day clogging up their email from someone that they don’t know yet. So instead, you have to solve a problem for them or help them attain a desire. If you’re someone in weight loss, you may say “hey, feel free to reach out to me if you’d like my seven steps to avoid the nighttime sugar cravings.” See, that’s a very specific thing. Another example might be “reach out to me if you want the four exercises you can do in less than 10 minutes a day to eliminate your love handles.See how that’s specific, it’s solving a problem.

You have to think of…who is it that I’m wanting to help, I’m wanting to connect with, I’m wanting to attract and what is it that they really struggle with? Maybe you’re trying to do more stuff with parents. By the way, your giveaway or your call to action or your thing that you’re promising to them, it doesn’t have to be exactly related to your product or service that you sell.

Let’s just say that you have something that’s great for energy and you happen to look around your team or you happen to look around who buys this stuff and it’s mainly parents. Well guess what? You could have a parenting giveaway…something for parents. It could be “the four ways to handle a strong-willed child,” right? Someone with a strong-willed child is going to reach out to you and then in follow-up, you can mention… “You know what? One thing that really helps parents is having more energy and I have a product that helps with that.” They don’t have to be one in the same. It doesn’t have to be a sample of the thing that you sell. I’m not saying that a sample is a bad idea, but that’ll lead us into our next point. I’ll bring up here shortly.

It doesn’t have to be something so specific to the theme that you’re selling. It allows you some freedom to connect with the person you’ve attracted, have some conversations with them and then lead into your product or your service.

What is this big mistake that network marketers make?

It’s really simple. It’s constantly using the name of your company. Now, I’m not saying to never do it but in the realm of leads, if you want more leads then you need to say your company name less. There needs to be some mystery, there needs to be some curiosity. “I wonder what company’s they are in?” In fact, I’ll share with you one fun fact. I had a friend, years ago when I was building a network marketing business, she said “hey, check this out” and she sent me a screenshot. It was from Google AdWords and it showed 1,300 people a month were searching “what MLM is Ray Higdon in?” Now, isn’t that cool? Isn’t that kind of funny because I didn’t talk about it all the time. I just did a lot of videos and generated hundreds of thousands of leads, over 400,000 leads and I did that without talking about the company.

As soon as you talk about the company, you’ve just allowed them to go do their independent research. They go to three websites: amazon, eBay, Google and they find out (if it’s a big enough company) something negative on Google, they may find someone selling expired products on eBay for cheap and they may find some rogue rep that has it listed on amazon. Most companies don’t allow that. I think some companies might but those three websites are all geared to knock you out of the sales game. Instead, I want them to reach out to me so I can have a conversation. I’m going to connect with them and see if my product or service can help them. I want the lead. Now if they go searching, I’ll never know. I’ll never know that they saw something of mine, went searching and possibly bought it or didn’t buy or whatever.

Watch how often you’re talking about the name of your company. I would not have it prominently in my banner. Now some people would say “well I’m really proud of my company, Higdon and I’m not scared to say it.” Okay great. If you’re proud of them, make them more money. If you love your company, then make more money, help them grow by using smarter marketing, not by pounding your chest in ineffective ways. I know that might be a little tough on you but I want you to crush it in your company and to crush it, you’re going to have to generate more leads and to generate more leads, you’re going to have to stop using the name of the company so much.

Let’s hear from you.

Before we get to my last point, I’d love to hear from you. This is your chance to be a smarty-pants. What is your number one preferred way to generate leads? How have you generated leads? Have any weird ways? I’d love to see that. Hit me with something cool on how you generate leads, I just might interview you. I’m constantly looking for ways to help network marketers generate more leads so if you’ve got some good ideas, drop me a comment. I read and respond to every single one.

What is the hottest way to generate leads right now?

Very simple, short video. Short videos are the just the King Kong’s of marketing right now. I mean Facebook reels, Instagram reels and TikTok’s. The reason is that those videos are not just being limited to being seen by people you’re connected with or friends with already. Your content is now being taken in those formats and being shown to people that they think will like the content whether they like you or not.

This is why we have so many non-influencers that have videos that have 50,000 views, 100,000 views, a million views. We even have one student with over 10 million views on her video. (Just for context, the last Olympics was watched by 15 million.) These short videos are absolutely the key, no question. If you were doing only one thing for marketing, it would be to do a short video. I’m talking 20, maybe 30 seconds, upload that to Facebook reels, Instagram reels and TikTok.
That is your power move for marketing.

Here’s the thing about these videos. Not all of them are going to go viral. I mean just this week, my video views on TikTok, it was like 500, 300, 20,000, 800. It really varies. I have some videos on my Facebook reels, I have multiple that have over a million views and some that have 200 views. This is about being consistent. Constantly putting more out there. Don’t overthink it. Some of the videos that I thought were terrible ended up getting me hundreds of thousands of views and some of the videos I spent a lot of time on barely amounted to anything. Short videos are the key, don’t overthink them but do a lot of them.

Want to learn more? 

If you would like to learn more then check out our three-step launch for how to crush it with short videos. Here is the link, This training tells you the three-step launch of exactly how to crush it on TikTok, Facebook reels and Instagram reels. This is what you need if you’re wanting to generate more leads.

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