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Network Marketing Leads:
The Biggest Secret To Getting More


Want a HUGE secret to getting more Network Marketing leads? This short video will share what MOST marketers are missing.

Watch this short video and learn how to easily get more network marketing leads reaching out to you!

The Art of Online MLM

The Internet changed the way ALL professions did business, for example, remember when:

– People used to go door to door selling Encyclopedia Brittanica?

– You used to leave your house to rent a movie?

– You used to stop at a gas station to buy a map if you were in a new area?

– We used to look up businesses in the yellow pages?

Well, the Internet changed a lot of things, what the Internet did NOT replace is people’s need for connection and relationships. There’s a lot of ways now to generate network marketing leads that doesn’t require you to go to your closest wal-mart and prospect people inline (although I know people that have built entire organizations that way). Inside the below video I am going to share how to get more network marketing leads on your blog or website.

Steps to Online Network Marketing Success

1. Understand the difference between passive marketing and active prospecting. BEFORE you have tons of network marketing leads asking you about your business, go create the leads by prospecting. Online, offline, warm or cold market, doesn’t matter, hit your numbers and you will build a business.

2. Know the steps to get a website up and going. Buy a domain from GoDaddy, get hosting, get an auto-responding service such as Aweber and then hire someone for less than $100 to put it all together for you.

3. Have a kick butt giveaway on your site to convert more traffic into leads. My video goes into depth on this topic. If you do not have a kick butt giveaway, you DON’T need more traffic, you need a better giveaway. Again, watch the short video to learn a powerful way to craft the perfect giveaway for your site.

4. Get better at conversing and converting. Invest in the best MLM recruiting education such as my wife’s Facebook product or my recruiting home study course.

There you have it! If you pay close attention to each step, you will start getting more network marketing leads come to you! Now, watch the below video to complete the picture!

Video: Get More Network Marketing Leads with this Secret Tip

Did that make sense? If you have your own site, would it pass the test I mention in the video?

Share and comment if you got value and feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

To Your Abundance!

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