Today I’m going to share network marketing leadership secrets.

First, I’m going to share the reason that so many leaders get frustrated and how to solve it. Next, I’m going to talk about culture and how to create it with your team. Lastly, I’m going to share the number one thing that you can do for your team.

What is the reason that so many leaders get frustrated?

It’s because they don’t understand that the people in their organization have differing levels of desire. This comes from when I was the number one income earner of a network marketing company and I have personally coached well over 500 six and seven figure earners in the network marketing space. I have had clients with teams of 750,000 people to a leader, I have one leader that was making $1 million a month when I was coaching them. The key is for you not to be frustrated, that people in your team have different levels of desire. Some of them don’t have any level of desire, they are just buying the product, maybe they show up to events, etc. For you to be frustrated means that you think there’s a way for you to create this high level of desire in everyone in your organization. It’s not true.

Culture is allowing people to feel good regardless of their level of desire or level result.

Now, more on that later, but you need to recognize that it is not your duty to make sure everybody in the organization is making money or wants to make money. Your job is to have the possibility, and to have a great environment and culture where people feel good, regardless of their level of desire or level of results. Here’s the thing that I saw firsthand. I saw people that joined my team didn’t do anything for years, but because I had a welcoming culture, they stuck around and eventually went on to become successful. I had people that didn’t do anything, their first two years that went on to become six figure earners. Now, if they had been in a different team, then the pressure would have been turned up on them, “hey, when are you going to do something…” “Hey, how come you’re not doing the challenge or doing the blitz or doing this or that…” The pressure would have gotten turned up on them and they would have left. Because network marketing is the most volunteer relationship that anyone has, it is very easy to cancel. Unlike a marriage, unlike a job, unlike kids, you can easily escape a network marketing team. They do that when they feel like a disappointment.

When a leader says something like, “I want it more for them than they want it.” What does that mean? That means they’re a disappointment to you and they feel that energy, they feel that that’s how they are seen in your organization and they hate it. That’s why they stop their auto ship.

What is culture? And how do you create it?

I have already given you the definition, the definition is allowing people to feel good, regardless of their level of desire or level of result. You just need to understand that there are going to be people in your team that are going to be hard charging and hungry, and others just are not. They are there to make friends. To them it’s like a book club. You know what, that’s okay, because they are paying to be in that book club. They are ordering products, they are paying for your service, they are contributing to your volume. Be grateful for them. Be grateful for them, don’t be mad, because you’re not squeezing every ounce of energy out of them, be grateful that they’re there. By the way, there’s going to be about 80% of your organization that just doesn’t have a high level of desire.

This brings us to the Thompson rule. My good friend, Larry Thompson, someone I learned a lot from, and then he joined our mastermind a few years ago, he teaches that 80% of any organization has a desire level of $0 to $500 a month. 15% want to make two to $3,000 a month, and 5% have a desire level of $25,000 or more a month. Only 5% are what you would call the crazies, right? They really want to make big money. I’m one of them. I have always been one, someone who wants to make more money and really put effort behind making more money. The key here is when you heard those numbers, did you place yourself in one of the categories based on your results? Because that’s not accurate. You can have a million dollar earner that has more- would be classified as an 80 percenter because they don’t do personal production anymore, right? There are people that have reached, you know, the status that they want, and then they back down and they just don’t personally recruit anymore. Result doesn’t always equal desire. Just like there are people in your team that are hustling their face off to make money, they’re putting in monumental follow ups and monumental prospecting numbers, but they just don’t have big results yet. Well, they may be a five percenter. The key is not to separate your people into these three categories, it is to have one sermon that solves all of their levels of desire. It serves all of their different levels. The key to that is to use the word if, if you’re here and you want to build a business, awesome, and if you’re here, and you’re just enjoying the product, we so appreciate you, thank you very much. Make it okay if they don’t have a high level of desire. I know that the likelihood is that most leaders want to increase everyone’s desire so let me speak fire into them, but that rarely rarely works to speak fire into someone who isn’t willing. It’s much more likely to push them out of the camp and make them stop being a part of your team than it is to fire them up. You have to understand culture, allowing people to feel good, regardless of the level of desire or result. Think about it like this, the longer you keep them around the campfire, the more likely they’ll catch a spark.

What to learn more about Network Marketing?

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What is the number one thing that you can do for your team?

The number one thing you can do for your team is build a new one. Now, that doesn’t mean ignore the existing, it doesn’t mean that they’re less than. It means for you to do the work you wish your people were doing. This is how you increase your chances of inspiring people. It’s not through your words, it’s not through you memorizing the Braveheart speech, or watching The Miracle and getting all fired up and having this amazing speech that motivates them. It’s you doing the work. It’s you showing up, it’s you’re doing the prospecting, recruiting, the follow up that you wish that they were doing. The best thing that you could possibly do is welcome new people into your team, recognize new people that are hitting new ranks that your existing people have never even heard of yet. Because you’re going out there and bringing in new blood into the organization. Now people hear that and they want to say, “well, I really care about my existing team and I want to really help my existing team.” The way that you help them is you do the work that you wish they were doing, you show them how to do what they should be doing, not by you spending more time with them, because that actually is a form of sabotage. The more personal time that you spend with each person in your team, the more time they think they will have to spend on people they bring into the organization. Guess what, they don’t want to do that. They don’t want to spend a ton of time, because they don’t have a ton of time. The more personal time you spend with each and every rep in your organization, (I know that that makes you feel good, I know that that calms the upline guilt that you may have), but in this kind of organization, in this kind of profession, that’s actually sabotage. Right? If a realtor spends a ton of time with their client, is that sabotage? No, because they’re not trying to get their client to become a realtor. You see, you’re trying to get everyone to believe that they can do what you are doing. So the more that you do for them, the more they think they will have to do for their team and they just don’t have that kind of time. Get smarter at how you work with the team, but keep bringing new blood into the organization.

The next time you have an existing team member or a new team member that wants you to help them, think about this model. Go do this and report back in. Give them homework. Homework could be to watch our latest video and report back in. It could be go prospect five people and report back in, go do five follow ups and report back in but you if you say, “go do this and report back in” that is something that anyone can duplicate, anyone can with confidence, tell other people to go to this and report back in, versus you spending a ton of time on the phone with them or a ton of time in person. Be more critical of your time, not because you don’t like them or because you don’t want to help them. It’s actually you helping them at the highest level. You are being selective with your time and teaching them how to be with their time.

Let’s dive deeper into leadership.

All right, I want to help you dive deeper on being a better leader. We have a three part video series all around leadership that will really help you identify and implement the things in your team and in your business to become the very best leader possible. Here is the link, It’s totally free. It’s a short…actually three short video series that will really pinpoint some things that could help you so click the link and you’ll be on your way.

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