Curiosity posts have been super effective in network marketing, but now more than ever are they powerful.

Here’s how I would use curiosity posts for network marketing in this economy.

The Most Effective Curiosity Posts for Network Marketing In This Tough Economy

Let’s start with what a curiosity post is. A curiosity post is a piece of valuable content, that does not have a call to action or any kind of goal, but provokes curiosity out of your audience.

These are super powerful,

And right now in these times, I would be looking for occupation centric curiosity posts to provide to your audience.

So I would be paying attention to your team groups and, just watch. Just watch who makes sales, who makes a little bit of money so you can make a story out of it.

Now, in a curiosity post you should not be talking about big money, because people don’t believe it.

And I know that you want to show off the go-getter on your team? You want to get the rock star, right? You want to attract the amazing hustler. You want to be talking about making $10,000 a month.

But right now, the problem is that 99% of people don’t believe that’s even possible. So don’t bother posting it. I would not be posting, “Wow, I can’t believe Joe made $10,000 this month,” right? Don’t do that.

Because the waiters, the waitresses, the bartenders, the sushi chef, the hotel managers, the flight attendants, they don’t believe that’s even possible.

So, no company name, no big money, no product name, no link, and no call to action. That’s a curiosity post and that’s how they work.

I would find people making $50-$200 a month, and I would say, “So proud of my friend Linda, who used to be a hairstylist, who just made an extra 40 bucks from home, way to stay strong girl.”

And right now there are so many waiters, waitresses, hairstylists, etc losing their jobs or needing extra money. So now others will become interested too.

And so I’m going to look for occupation-related stories, and I’m going to do it in a way that looks like a shout out.

Use the right curiosity posts, do them correctly, and you will be surprised how it turns out for you.

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