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Are you not sure what’s the best way to describe your compensation plan to new prospects?

In this training I share exactly what you need to know about Comp Plans & Network Marketing.

Network Marketing Comp Plans and What You Need To Know

There is absolute power in not knowing it all.

From foreclosure, I worked my way up to become the number one income earner of that company. And people would ask me: “Hey man. All right. So, give me the game plan. How’s the comp plan work?”

I was like, “You know what? To be honest, I don’t know all the intricacies. There’s a video out there you can watch.”

And they’re like, “Wait a minute. Hold on. But you’re the top income earner.”


“You can’t explain the comp plan?!”

“No, I never do. I haven’t for the last five years. I just point people to the video.”


And it’s funny because, I’ve had people say, “Well. I need to evaluate the comp plan. I’ve got to make sure that it’s just as good as what it is that I deserve.”

And I say, “Okay, cool. Have you been in network marketing before?”

And they’re like, “Yeah, I sure have.”

“Have you created massive success?”


I say, “Okay. Did you know the comp plan of your last company?”

“Sure did.”

“Well, did that help you succeed?”

And they’re like, “Hmm.”

You Don’t Have To Know Everything

You do not need to know the zodiac signs of the doctors that created your formula. You don’t need to know the comp plan inside and out. You don’t need to know about hardly anything.

What you do need to know is you do need to know how to tell your story. You need to know how to tap into other people’s stories. You need to know how to share benefits and value.

You do not need to know if it’s D-alpha-Tocotrienol or DL-Alpha-Tocotrienol. You don’t need to know that stuff. I’m telling you.

Power Of Playing Dumb

If you DO know all the detailed stuff, you may want to play dumb from time to time and point people to videos.

And I know that my detail person is like, “Did he just say to play dumb? No way, Jose.”

Well then, keep rocking out whatever you’re doing. If you’re getting massive results and you’re slaying it, then keep slaying it.

I’m talking to people that want to slay it more. I’m talking to the people that maybe you believe there’s more potential inside of you.

Knowing more isn’t going to get you more money in almost every situation in this profession.

[mashtweet tweet=”Knowing more isn’t going to get you more money in almost every situation in this profession.” quote=”Knowing more isn’t going to get you more money in almost every situation in this profession.”]

Now, if you’re a car salesman, fine.

Learn everything. I don’t know anything about cars. But if you’re in the car business, here’s the difference. You aren’t trying to teach people that are buying a car how to sell cars. You’re trying to sell them a car.

You want duplication? Stop focusing on, “Here’s all the little things. It’s got jojoba seed in it, and it’s got pipple berry in it…”

Get your prospects thinking, “Hey, I can do what this guy does. I mean, he doesn’t seem that smart. I mean, if this guy can do it, I can definitely do it.”

That’s your deal.

“All I did was…” is one of the most powerful phrases you can use.

All I did was … Very powerful phrase.

So, you don’t have to know everything.

Did you find that helpful?

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