What’s my best advice for closing?

Here I share 3 tips that WILL help you get more reps.

Network Marketing Closing Tips

I’m a big fan of sorting OVER closing.

Closing means every person I lock eyes with I’m trying to get into my business. I’m here to tell you there’s a lot of people that you don’t want in your team, and uou don’t want in your business.

So, I want to look at people’s energy, attitude. Are they going to show up big? Are they coachable?

There are individuals that I recruited that I wish I didn’t.

There are people that you don’t want in your team. Believe me, it’s going to create strife amongst all your other teammates. It’s a team. Not just YOU.

Closing means, “Hey Ray, I’ve got this brother-in-law that’s cynical, skeptical, called me an a-hole, and he threw a brick through my window. How do I turn him around so he joins?”

You don’t. Not allowed.

Stop trying to close everybody that you encounter. Stop trying to close every mouth breather on the planet. You don’t want them in your team.

1. Look For Who’s Open

Stop being addicted to that sign up bonus.

So look for who’s open versus trying to close everybody.

Who’s open? If you just do that, you will alter the fabric of reality around network marketing. I’m telling you.

Why are most people turned off by network marketers? It’s because they’re addicted to the outcome. They use crazy strategies that make no sense because they want to get them.

Instead, look for:

1 . People who are open

2. Someone you’d would want in your team

3. Be willing to disqualify people

2. Use Tools

Network marketing isn’t just about getting more sign ups, it’s about duplication.

So use, tools.

If you sign up someone, and it has to do with your charisma, your personality, your connection to them, then you’re not very duplicatable.

You need to point them to a tool.

The tool could be hotel event, restaurant event, presentation, sizzle call, magazine. It could be a sample pack or  a seven day deal. It could be whatever.

Use the tools because it’s about duplication. It’s about you growing your business and showing them a way they can do it regardless of charisma, personality, or their background. They can do it too because they can just follow the system.

3. Have Posture

Have posture.

I get asked a lot, “Ray, what do I do if I send a message and someone doesn’t respond?”

Well, you change your name, you grow a mustache, you move out of town, shut down your Facebook account, start a new one, maybe focus on Instagram this time because there’s less rejection over there….


Who cares if someone doesn’t respond to you. Seriously? I probably have tens of thousands of people that didn’t respond to me but my income didn’t mind.

It was interesting, when I went up to get my award for number one earner in the company, they didn’t say, “Now, just to verify, did you have everyone respond to you. Is that correct?”

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Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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