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Need to Find Higher
Quality MLM Leads?


If you are in networking marketing, chances are you are always on the hunt for more MLM leads to talk to about your business, this post will help.

A Hidden Secret about Getting the Best MLM Leads

Someone recently asked me what the number one thing that network marketers need more of and without hesitation I responded with mindset training. Now, before you roll your eyes and call fluff on that answer, I want you to fully let this resonate with you, “If you don’t have the results you want in your life, you ARE suffering from a mindset problem.”

I want you to take the number one objection you are getting and instead of looking at the problem as being “out there”, I want you to take a hard look…in the mirror. IF you are constantly dealing with MLM leads that say they are broke, what part of YOUR being is acting broke? This may be the toughest pill for you to swallow, that YOU are attracting to you who you ARE versus who you WANT. But don’t worry, my favorite boss I ever had told me, “Never bring a monkey without a banana”, meaning, don’t discuss a problem without having a suggested solution.


BE Who You Want to Attract

Are you negative on Facebook and social media? Then that is exactly who you will attract. Complaining about the government, the weather, the economy, will only attract more negative minded people. If you want high quality MLM leads to come to YOU, BE that person that a high quality person would want to work with.

Be mindful. Every word, thought and action you put into cyper-space and into the world is attracting back to you who YOU are being. Today on my facebook fan page someone suggested that there were no good business minded people on Facebook, whereas my wife has built a $10,000 a month income solely from Facebook prospecting, why? Two reasons, 1. BEING the type of person that would attract high quality people and 2. Knowing where to look for quality MLM leads. To learn how to BE a better person, leader and marketer, you might consider watching this just released 29 minute video on attraction marketing.

There are People Looking, Help Them and Prosper!

Right now, more than ever, people are looking. They are looking for solutions to their problems. Solutions to their income woes, lifestyle woes, and a way to be free from the ho hum life that they are trapped in. YOU can be the key to helping them, if you choose to BE that person of service and power. It is powerful and worthy to serve those looking for help, help spread the message that there are better ways, and we have them.

To Your Abundance!

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