Name List in Network Marketing | One of the things that can be helpful in your journey to network marketing success is a big name list! But where do you get started in making this? Watch this video to learn how to make a name list in network marketing!

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Would you like to know how to make name list in network marketing? I’m going to share with you a very powerful way to do just that.

My name is Ray Higdon and before I was a coaching trainer, I was the number one income earner of a network marketing company, made millions with that company and now, we show network marketers how to crush it in their company. So, today we are going to be discussing how to make that name list and I’m gonna share with you first the number one rule.

This is a rule that I wish I knew earlier, it actually cost me a lot of money. Next I’m gonna share with you three strategies to help you squeeze as many heads out of your head as possible and lastly, I’m gonna share with you what to do if you really don’t know that many people, I’m gonna share with you exactly what to do in that case.

Now, maybe you’re looking for this kind of content because you’re nervous. You’re nervous about getting rejected, you’re nervous about people that know you, you know, saying who do you think you are or those things don’t work or you know giving you their two cents while belittling you and I understand because I went through that same thing.

I thought the you know that every person I reached out to was going to reject me and shoot me down, make me feel bad and just know that some of those conversations led to really really good things so I want to make it easy on you and share with you the strategies to make that name list but also to feel good about following through with them.

So first, what is this number one rule?

The number one, rule don’t prejudge and I wish I had been taught this. And so my first network marketing company that I was ever a part of, I joined in I think it was February of 2006 and I joined this company and I’m fired up.

I want to make some money, I want to make it happen and there were entire sections of people that I knew that I didn’t reach out to because I just knew they wouldn’t- they wouldn’t join, they were they were too big time for this so prior to network marketing, I had been a speaker on real estate. I was actually traveling the country and doing different real estate seminars.

I knew a lot of speakers, I knew a lot of real estate people and I just kind of thought you know what? They make big money, they would never do this sort of thing and so I didn’t reach out to him.

Now remember I was at a company event and I was kind of halfway paying attention at this point and they started calling names of people who had reached a high rank in that company and they say a name and I’m thinking wait is that the guy I know?

And so I wasn’t sure and then I see him cross the stage and I start thinking I’m like oh my goodness like did he get in after me?

Was he in before me like because I had actually thought about him and thought he would never do it but here he was making a hundred thousand dollars a year. And so I reached out to my friend who is a mutual friend between the two of us and I said hey, have you heard of this company and he said yeah. I joined it with him.

He joined it, his name was Adam. I joined it with Adam and I said when did you guys join and they joined after I had joined and they joined with a stranger. So, Adam had joined a stranger and then my friend Mark had joined under Adam.

Now he even told me oh, if we knew you’re in it, we would have preferred to sign up with you. So don’t pre-judge, that would have been a very significant income for me had I just reached out and asked them the question. So, that’s the number one rule: be more addicted to your activity than their response.

Be addicted to you reaching out and seeing if they’re open, letting them know what you’re doing but don’t be prejudging them and don’t be addicted if they do tell you no. Okay so let me give you three strategies to come up with as many names as possible which is what I suggest.

I would rather you come up with way more names than less. Why not? Here are the three strategies.

Number one, find out in your company what are the top people and what was their occupation before they joined network marketing or maybe even currently. You know sometimes people start making a really serious amount of money in network marketing and they actually keep their occupation, whatever.

So ask your sponsor and maybe attend your company event, I would suggest that at least, go to your company event and find out who are the top like if you can get the top 50 or the top 100 earners in your company, find out their previous or current occupation outside of network marketing, write those down and then ask yourself who do I know that’s one of those occupations? So if you find that someone was a chiropractor, what other chiropractors do you know?

An accountant, a realtor, a you know small business manager, a restaurant owner, like take the time to map out those top occupations and figure out who do you know that are also in those occupations.

You’ll be pre-loaded with a story. You can actually reach out to them and say hey, you know I found out that one of our top earners in our company is actually also a restaurant owner and I thought I’d reach out to you to see if this is something you’d be open to.

So, top occupations in your company is one of the strategies. The second strategy is to sort your email by who it’s from and same kind of thing with your text messages, right?

Who are the people that you are in contact or have been in contact with over the years that maybe you’re not going to think of when you think about a name list.

And so going through and sorting by email, I literally started with the A’s and went all the way through my email and obviously there’s spam in there like, I’m not reaching out to a bot account or something like that but any kind of human beings, I’m actually reaching out to and saying hey I’m doing this new thing. I don’t think I’ve brought it up to you. Would you be open to take a look at it to make some extra money and just very, very simple phrases like that.

And so sorting by- sorting your email by who it’s from is another really powerful way for you to expand. I guarantee you, there’s no way you could even get to the C’s without coming up with names that you never would have thought of before doing this strategy.

Also going through your text messages and man, when I was in a contest or in a challenge like I would literally scroll back for years and message out all the people that I had you know been in contact with through text just to see if they were open and remember what’s rule number one? Don’t prejudge.

And so going through your emails and going through your text messages is another really powerful way for you to really open up that database. Now the third strategy about making this just the most epic name list of all time, who are you afraid to reach out to?

Who do you know that’s influential? Who do you know that maybe has more influence than you do, maybe makes more money than you do and you know you may think that oh, people that make a lot of money, they don’t do network marketing, that’s actually not true. What turns them on is residual income.

And so we had- I mean we had one of the top 10 orthopedic surgeons in our team,- we had there was a gentleman that had 76 Domino’s franchises that was in our organization.

Now just so you’re aware to open one Domino’s franchise, it’s a quarter million dollars. He had 76. Why would he do network marketing? He loved the aspect of residual income. I’ve seen very, very influential and very wealthy individuals that get into network marketing.

By the way there are celebrities in network marketing. One of them Shaquille O’Neal. Shaquille O’Neal has been in multiple different network marketing companies and he actually takes it really seriously, believe it or not. He was actually at a company event I went to a few years back and so don’t prejudge but who are you scared of?

Now this is something we would call a chicken list, right? Who are you chicken up? Who are you scared of, but you make that list and guess what? Not all of them are gonna say yes to you but you only need a couple of those to say yes for it to really matter.

Now what do you do if you just don’t know that many people, you know you’re starting out, you don’t know that many people, you’re not sure what to do? Well first of all just as a test, I want you to go and pull up your cell phone, I want you to go to the contacts and I want you to scroll to the very bottom.

How many people do you have? How many contacts do you have? Now, I realize some of those are businesses but how many contacts do you have?

When I’ve done this exercise, I found that most people have at least 500 in there of which at least 300 are people that they actually know.

Very likely that you are more scared of rejection and looking stupid than you are actually not knowing anybody and I remember when they were interviewing people that knew the uni bomber, right?

Like all of these people came forward that knew the uni bomber and here’s you know someone who was very you know reclusive and you know isolated but all these people knew him so, I believe everybody know- in fact psychology says that the average person knows 2,000 people.

Now, you may not have two thousand in your in your phone but you can you know bring those out through our other strategies in this video and so first address the real problem. Is it that you’re so scared of rejection that you’re saying you don’t know that many people or is it actually true?

You go to your phone and there’s nobody in there, right? Unlikely that you know nobody but, I’ll even share with you what to do if you don’t. So first, you’re gonna have to understand the two pillars of building a business. Prospecting and marketing.

Prospecting is you reaching out to people whether you know them or not. So maybe you don’t have an impressive name list because you truly don’t know that many people, well you’re gonna have to reach out to people that you don’t know and learn cold market prospecting strategies and this is something that I used.

In fact there’s a lady in our group called- we have a group called Rank Makers and her name is Christina Danielle. Christina Danielle was is this- over this last quarter, the number one recruiter in her entire company and she did it 100% of the way with our strategies for strangers. So all she did was reach out to strangers using our scripts using our strategies and she became the number one recruiter in that company. So we know that this works.

My wife when she was 21 years old used these strategies to hit $10,000 a month in her business and then go on to become the number one female earner. And so you can build this not having a lot of people that you know isn’t a valid excuse anymore.

So number one, prospecting, number two, marketing. Marketing is where you do something you hope someone reacts or responds to it and you know this is you putting out content to hopefully attract people to you that reach out to you, you have conversations with and see if they’re open to your product, service or opportunity.

And so don’t get distraught. If you don’t feel like you know that many people, don’t beat yourself up.

If you’ve been a hermit all your life, you can still build a successful network marketing business. So I know this video was helpful for you to make that name list and think of different people to reach out to as far as prospects and I want to help you even more.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Ray Higdon

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