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My Secret Plot to Invade the United Kingdom

I have a confession to make. I am plotting to take over the United Kingdom and I have a clearance sale at Barnes and Noble to thank for this idea. Let me explain. Last weekend I was at Barnes and Noble with my two sons and I was reading some books on coaching when Ethan, my youngest, says Dad can we buy a board game? Well, if you know Ethan you know that he loves games more than anyone on this planet. He is a 24 hour a day gameplayer of any size or shape. I said “Sure, son, what game would you like?” He pointed down toward the third rack of games to a game marked down 30% called RISK. The world and it’s inhabitants were never to be the same..

Schemes and Dreams

As we battled it out on this global conquer your neighbor game for 9 hours last weekend, I started noticing a change in me. When I went to sleep on Saturday night I had visions and dreams of me standing on the battlefield with a broadsword on horseback leading an army of war-hungry individuals. It was as if I was reliving a past life or something. My hair was long (slightly longer than my oldest sons hair, which, drives me crazy) and I had all kinds of cool weapons. The interesting part was I could not really see any enemy, just unoccupied land in front of me and the army I commanded.

Perhaps this was a premonition or was supposed to mean something? Maybe I was supposed to invade the United Kingdom like I did in the game or RISK earlier? I have always been someone that looks for signs and when doors (even non-physical ones) are opened, I go through them. That is when I decided to invade the United Kingdom..sound weird? Well, maybe to you, but check out my plan..

How to Invade a Foreign Land

First, you have to do your homework on your target area. For that I headed to my local Barnes and Noble (man, I should get paid as I mention them so often). See the stack of books and you will see that I am taking my mission very seriously. The research was fascinating and I will be revealing some of the intell I got from these historical and targeted documents.

Second, determine the front. You can’t simply go to a country nowadays and place a flag in the ground and state that you conquered it, you have to lead with a believable front that no one would suspect is a facade for your quest of taking over the foreign land.

Third, you have to coordinate a timed attack that is precise but also convenient to remember.

And that’s about it!

What I discovered from my research

1. The British started the habit of putting milk in tea, you used to do this only if you had fine china or it would crack.

2. An Irishman named Charles Howard-Bury discovered large unexplainable footprints in the Himalayan snow and was the first to attribute them to a being he called the abominable snowman.

3. Aliens created Stonehenge.

4. JK Rowling is filthy rich and has access to magical beings that might help in my conquest.

OK, Enough Shenanigans and Tomfoolery!

I do have a plot to invade the United Kingdom but not armed with a battle axe or mace but with leadership, support, a killer team and training. You see, the project that I have been aggressively growing in the US and Canada lands on the shores of the United Kingdom at Midnight EST, on September 1st. As the #1 income earner in Numis Network I am excited to “bring the heat” across the Atlantic to work with the empowered entrepreneurs of Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is a pre-launch scenario that start on September 1st and the official launch will start in November. For now, inhabitants of the UK can grab their spot with us for only one pound and then bring on whoever they want in the UK, US or Canada and then in November we will be starting the onslaught.

Numis Network to Launch in the UK on September 1st!

We are going to be doing UK time friendly webinars at 2pm est and 4pm est on September 1st. See the links below to get the full details. Those in the UK that want to lock arms with me and the other leaders of Numis can join at my page at UK Mastermind Inclusion for Numis Network

Here are the links to the webinars =)

2pm EST (7pm UK Time) – https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/657230586

4pm EST (9pm UK Time) – https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/199230010

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