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My Review of Monopoly Millionaire

Little bit different blog post than normal but you might enjoy it. This is my review of the new board game called Monopoly Millionaire.

Favorite Thing to Do with My Kids

Games are great, I think you lose something if you only play video games with your kids, the time my wife and I have spent with our kids playing board games is some of the most fun we have ever had. If your kids are young enough to still think it’s cool to play a game with you, I definitely recommend Monopoly Millionaire, it’s a lot of the fun of the original but without the crazy length lol.

Cool Things I Like About Monopoly Millionaire

  1. Easier setup and handling. No more paper money that blows off the table and no complicated counting of dollars. They are hard cardboard and you start the game simply with two of each.
  2. Bigger amounts. No real estate game should max out at a $500 bill, lol. They have $100,000 bills and no more pesky one dollar bills. Personally I think ANYTHING you can do with your kids to get them used to seeing, handling bigger money, even fake money, is psychologically smart.
  3. You have a diverse set of game pieces to use AND you get to upgrade them. You can start with a rowboat that can be upgraded to a yacht, or a plane, motorcycle, car, etc. You can then earn different options (usually good) based on your “rank” of game piece.
  4. Fast game play. Last night my wife, my youngest and I played a game in which Ethan won in about 45 minutes. This morning Ethan and I played before I took him to school in about a half hour (I won that one, REVENGE!)
  5. Wild chance cards. There are some wild options in the card deck like “Just say no” where you can reject paying a player or “Sly Deal” where you can simply take one of your opponents properties. The cards definitely keep it interesting.

Video of Millionaire Monopoly


Why Review a Board Game?

Honestly, I am a family dude, my kids are my world. I think a LOT of the problems of this world would be solved if we, as parents, all started spending more quality time with our kids in whatever fashion. We also play Cashflow, Residual Income and the regular Monopoly. You can get the updated Monopoly game here. If you like me talking more about family activities, comment below!

To Your Abundance!

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