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My Kids Selling You Stuff (Their Debut Sales Videos)

"homebased business"One big reason I prefer building my homebased business is I get to spend more time with my kids. Something that goes along with spending more time with your kids is you come up with different ideas to get them to understand what you do. I have fun playing Cashflow for Kids with them and having them attend seminars that I speak at and today I thought, why not have them make some sales videos like Daddy does? Well, the below videos are the outcome =). Be sure to tell me which one you like best and why in the comments section at the bottom so I can tell them who won the contest!

A Takeaway From These Videos

What if…what if you had started speaking in front of groups and creating sales videos when you were younger? I was terrified of speaking most of my life but I doubt these guys will be as I have had them speak in front of large groups already. I was also terrible at videos, boy, I really wish I would have kept my old videos, they were really, really bad! I sounded like I was trying to hypnotize you in a deep voice, cheesy way, lol. I think these guys will fair a bit better if they ever start building their own homebased business.

Contestant #1, Ethan

First up, is my youngest, Ethan. Ethan is promoting Magnetic Sponsoring, he goes more for the comedy routine.

Contestant #2, Brandon

Brandon had the choice of what to promote, he chose to promote one of my silver coins. Check it out.

So, which one?

Which kid was more convincing? Which one did you like best? Do you think this is a good thing to teach my kids?

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