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What They Won’t Tell You:
My Interview with 2 Ninja SEO Internet Marketing Experts

If you are trying to study internet marketing, you will notice there are quite a few “so-called” Internet marketing experts out there to choose from. Some are experts are selling you on the fact that you should listen to them and others are actual ninja marketers. Today, I interviewed 2 Ninjas…

Enter the Dragons…Raymond Fong & Ferny Ceballos

"ferny ceballos"Ferny is from Easy LA. Through hard work and making extreme sacrifices he was able to put himself through and became an MIT graduate. He then, within 8 month, was able to quit his aerospace engineer job of 5 years to be a full-time Internet marketer.

Raymond Fong got his BS in engineering from Harvey Mudd College and MS in computer engineering from USC. But all of that education (all $200,000 worth) got him was a friggin’ J-O-B. That is…until he found online marketing.

You may know Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos as they put together one of the biggest Internet marketing events in history, the No Excuses Summit. Or, you may know their work from their work at SEO Networker. I think you will get a lot of value out of them willing to give me time today in regards to search engine optimization.

My 7 Question Interview with these Internet Marketing Experts

1. What made you guys get in the SEO niche?

When we first got started, we tried just about everything… to a fault. And this is actually one of the biggest problems I see new marketers doing – they are jack of all trades and well… master of none.

Anyway, Fernando and I, being the nerdy engineers we were, heard about this “SEO” thing that was suppose to be “technical” and “hard”, so naturally, we jacked up our engineering egos and tackled it.  The more we dove into it, the more we became fans of it.
We took it as a challenge to sift through all the technical mubmo-jumbo info out there on SEO and translate it into language we can all understand.  We were so use to this throughout school and our jobs – taking what some super intelligent… WAYYY out there person says and translate it into something layman can understand.
And of course, we also realized the huge power of SEO and the crazy amounts of (free) traffic you can generate with top rankings – and well, that made us fall in love with it even more 🙂

2. What about those that say SEO is too hard?

Anything that you don’t understand is “hard”.  Heck, when you first tried to learn addition and subtraction that was “hard”.  To this day, Twitter is “hard” for some uninitiated folks.
It’s not a matter of whether something is “hard” or not, it’s a matter of whether you can learn it in an efficient and timely manner (meaning… before you give up on it) AND get results quickly enough to help keep you motivated to keep learning and implementing.  That’s where Fernando and I come in, we pride ourselves in breaking SEO down into easily digestible chunks focused on getting you results and taking your SEO knowledge and effort to the next level.

3. What are some results you have seen in your business from your SEO efforts?

We tackle SEO from both the “short-term” and “long-term” angles.  We’ve literally generated thousands of dollars with a few hours worth of work ranking for some money keyterms (you’ll see some of theses examples in our Traffic Cipher Report).  One on particular project, just by ranking for a few very specific terms (that are worth quite a bit), we are able to generate a comfortable income that can pass as an annual salary for some.
The best part about this?  Is seeing leads come in, sales being made, without having to continuing spend money and sometimes even effort (our test website we setup a few years ago, that we haven’t touched in literally over a year still generates leads every day… and frankly, that website’s info is WAY outdated.)

4. Should the recent actions by Google encourage or discourage SEO marketers?

It’s like this, when Google Slap and Ban happened, it thinned out the market; it challenged the serious to elevate their game while demolishing the “wanna-bes”.  It helped clean up the market which is a GREAT thing for us serious entrepreneurs who are sick and tired of having to battle those amateurs that are just “noise” in the marketing industry.
Google will always change, and us ambitious and serious entrepreneurs will ALWAYS adapt and stay ahead of the curve.  So to answer your question, I think Matt Cutts (spokesperson for Google) himself says it best:
“Q: Does Google Instant kill search engine optimization (SEO)?
A: No!”

5. What do you see as the biggest misconception when it comes to SEO?

The same misconception that led Fernando and myself INTO SEO in the first place, that you have to be “smart” to do it, that it’s “complicated”, “technically challenging”…
While yes, there is some learning curve, at the end of the day, as you’ll see in our Traffic Cipher Report, it really is all about knowing where and HOW to get started and then just let that ride.  It’s just like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.
We’ve literally trained folks who are NASA scientists (I kid you not), stay at home moms, and contractors who have not a single clue about building a website.
And despite their varying technical backgrounds, they all were successful in understanding and doing SEO.  And it again comes back to knowing how and where to get started to stay motivated.  And we show you that in Traffic Cipher Report.

6. If you had to start your marketing career over, what would you do differently?

I’d give all of my life savings to SEO Networker. (Note from Ray..LOL)
No, just kidding… sort of 🙂
This one is easy, I’d spend a lot less time “learning” and a LOT more time “doing”.  See, people nowadays think that “learning” gets them results… they think knowledge and ideas are worth something.  They feel “productive” when they are learning…
Knowledge and ideas are worthless without any concrete form of action.  And to make matters worse, way too many have the “shiny object” syndrome – so they soak up just a tad about a certain topic, just enough to get them started,  they feel good, and JUST when they are about to do something with it, guess what?  Something else shiny catches their eyes and off they go.
We are fully aware of this which is why we made Traffic Cipher so digestible – it almost FORCES you to do each step as you learn them, so there’s really no excuses for lack of action and lack of success.

7. What would be your number one recommendation to the beginner marketer out there?

Give all of your life savings to SEO Networker.  🙂
Don’t try to learn EVERYTHING, don’t try to follow EVERYONE.  Get to know one or two marketing strategies that you jive with, and master them, do them, and get results.
Find one or two marketing experts/leaders and do what they do – follow their footsteps.  I see way too many folks give 10% into 10 different things or invest 10% into 10 different leaders – doing only 10% of what they do.  You’ll never reach full and true success this way.  It’s like when digging for water, do you dig ten 1-foot holes or do you dig one 10-foot hole?
Find the leaders and find the strategies that excite and motivate you.
And if those leaders, in addition to Ray Higdon, turn out to be Fernando and myself… and if those strategies include SEO, all the better 🙂

Final Thoughts

Wow, did you all pay attention? Some major nuggets in that interview. Thank you so much to Raymond and Ferny for delivering the goods!

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