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Is Money the Root of All Evil?


Controversial topic today but you NEED to hear it. Is money the root of all evil?

Watch the below video and read below to learn my OPINION and how it may actually help you.

Evil Money Image

Just to give credit where due, I found the image to the left on Engravers Cafe.

From my Facebook

I posted this the other day on my Facebook profile and on my Facebook page:


Now, what I am doing today is sharing some of the feedback that I received on this post from both places and offering an alternative way to look at things. (I am keeping the person who posted the comment anonymous on this post as that is not important, what IS important is to look at how beliefs create results)

Comment #1. “I think you are wrong the BIble is talking about the greed of man for money. Some people who have a lot of money manipulate and will sell their souls for money. Money it’s self is not evil but most people who have a lot of money Will do anything to keep it. There are more suicides in families with lots of money than poor. The children of very rich people are the loneliest in the world. They are not a priority to their parents. If your rich and you actually spend time with your children then you are in the minority. I wish you the best in your world of the rich good luck.

Response: Can you see why if someone believes this that they will remain broke? If you thought that money somehow transformed you into a suicidal bad parent, would you even bother attempting to make more money? Does this mean all wealthy people are super happy and have great kids that love them? Of course not but to associate this craziness to an entire class of people is disturbing. More suicides in rich families than poor families? Not sure where that data comes from as it is statistically impossible. If we all agree that wealthy are probably 5% of the population, how could that be true?

Comment #2. Ray, just to be clear you do not have to be wealthy to make an impact. 12 men 2000 years ago changed the world, and were no where near wealthy. Do not sit on the high horse of wealth. I enjoy your training and appreciate what you do, but have some perspective. Money and water are not similar. For starters money is man made, water is made by God.

Response: Nowhere did I say you have to be wealthy to make an impact. I simply am suggesting that people NOT associate being wealthy with being a terrible person or some form of evil. Keep in mind what this well intending person is saying, they are arguing for their brokeness. I say stay the same awesome person you are and if you would like to have the ability to contribute more, make money too.

Comment #3. I respectfully disagree with you Ray Higdon. My God can do the same with your 10% as he would do with a billionaires 10%. The blessings, both given and received, are proportional/commensurate with the attitude of the giving. To joyously hand over His 10%, because it is His and He’s asked you to, is far more profitable than the one giving with an attitude of reluctance or a hope of personal gain.

This indicates that only the high and might POOR can make the right decisions when it comes to giving money. I would be willing to bet that this person would be up in arms if someone was being prejudice against a race or religion but yet has prejudices against wealthy people in saying money is the root of all evil. This proves my point. Money doesn’t have it’s own thinking mechanism, you CHOOSE what you do with your money. I know total jerks that are dead broke just as I know total jerks that are rich, saying being rich = being a jerk is a lack of intelligence AND, worse than that, is keeping people unnecessarily poor.

And by the way, it is the LOVE of money that is said to be the root of all evil in the bible, not just “money”.

Keep in Mind my Argument…

This is not a justification for someone out there accepting me as a wealthy person. This is an argument for those out there to release their negative, non-serving associations with THEM being wealthy. I’ve been dead broke in my life, twice. I went through foreclosure and here is my conclusion from being dead broke and now NOT being dead broke…

When I was broke, all I thought about was money.

Now that I have figured out the whole money thing, now I don’t worry about it. Also, now that I am not broke, I have given more to charities in the last couple years than I have in my entire life (not for ANY form of acceptance but because I WANTED to). I have also employed more people than I ever have. I have also spent more money with local business owners than ever before. Money simply makes you more of who you are, IF you are a jerk butthole when you are poor, you will be a bigger one with money.

“Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.” – Ayn Rand

“Lack of money is the root of all evil” – Mark Twain

Video: My Thoughts on the Root of All Evil

Here’s a quick test for you to see if you truly believe if money is the root of all evil…what would YOU do if you had more money? If someone gave you a million dollars, what would you do with it? How would you give back, create value, make yourself better, etc?

Here’s my hope to you that you don’t hold onto non-serving beliefs. My hope is for you to be happy, rich or not, and for you to live a fulfilling life. Feel free to share if you agree or if you know people that keep saying they need more money but are also holding onto the idea that money is the root of all evil.

Hope this information helps you on whatever journey you are on.

To Your Abundance!

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