Today I’m going to share money manifestation secrets.

First, I’m going to share why money, specifically, is tough to manifest for most people. Next, I’m going to share the biggest key to getting exactly what you want. Lastly, I’m going to share my night routine that I do every single night that has helped me manifest a lot of money and a lot of other things, too.

Why is money hard for most people to manifest?

There’s two reasons.

Number one is most people have been programmed through Hollywood, through media, through politicians that more money is a bad thing. They’ve been taught to hate the wealthy. Look at one of the most popular movies of all time, Titanic, “will we be seated according to class?” How would you classify the wealthy on the Titanic versus the poor? The poor are dancing around having a great time and the wealthy are very…..right? You’ve been subconsciously programmed about that sort of topic your whole life, whether it was It’s A Wonderful Life. Who, who was the bad guy in It’s A Wonderful Life? Potter, the banker that lent everyone money, so they could have houses, right? There are unscrupulous bankers, of course there are, but there are so many unscrupulous poor people too, right? Money just makes you more of who you are.

If you are trying to manifest money, but you have belief systems that say it’s bad to have a lot of money, then it’s like you have one foot on the gas, but also one foot on the brake. If you have this feeling that having lots of money is a bad thing, then you’re never going to become what you despise.

I wrote something on Facebook, not that long ago. I said, “The reason that the rich get richer, and the poor get poor, is because both parties are verifying what they believe to be true.”

Wealthy individuals believe it’s easy to make more money, right? They’re going to verify that to be true.

Often, poor people believe that making money is hard, so they also verify that to be true. 

Both parties are right in their belief systems. What is very powerful for you to understand is you’ll always prove what you believe to be right. Neville Goddard said, “it’s not what you wish for, it’s what you prepare for its reception.” He also said, “anytime your wish is in conflict with your feeling, the feeling will always be the victor.” If you want a lot of money, but in the back of your mind, you’re thinking that that would make you a bad person, because those darn fat cats on Wall Street or whatever, then you’ll just never get what you want, right? You’re going to get what you believe to be true. You’re going to verify what you believe to be true, you’re going to live more in your emotions. Now that’s the first part. This is big, right? If you have a belief system that says having lots of money is bad, you’re really going to struggle with money manifestation.

The second part that makes it tough for most people, is they just focus on money, right? They’re like, I want more money in my bank account. They try to manifest a winning lottery ticket or whatever. You actually need to work past that step. Instead of just wishing for a bunch of money, because what would that do, right? You need to ask, what would I do with more money? You need to work that out. You need to prepare for its reception. This is true of any manifestation.

When Moses came to the people, and they had been praying for rain, he looked around, he said, “well, where are the ditches?”  They said, “What do you mean? It’s not raining.” Well they didn’t prepare for the rain. Right? You need to prepare for the rain, you need to prepare for the money. What will you do with the money? Now, If you ask most people this question, what would you do with a million dollars they would say, “I’m going to give it all the way. I’m going to be super charitable.” Hey, I’m not making fun of that. That’s great. But why do you need it then? Why not just skip you and give it to the charity. If we are asking the universe or God for more abundance, but you’re just going to give it away then why don’t you just wish for the charity to get it. Let’s just skip the middleman then you don’t pay taxes. This is something you have to think about what I will do with the money. I’m not saying don’t think about giving any away, no, do that. But what else would you do? Would you buy a new car? Would you spoil your mom? Buy a new house or a new car, whatever. You need to work past your attempts at manifesting money, and instead, work on what I would do with the money and start to live more into that. Which we’ll cover more in step two.

Step two is for you to understand for you to get what it is that you want, You have to create the feelings as if you already have that thing that you want. Here’s what I’ve come to realize. Most people are very vibrationally congruent with their reality. They want this stuff “way up here,” but their reality is this (down here) I don’t have much money and I’m struggling with money and the are constantly harping on it, they’re sharing it, they’re thinking about it, they’re stressing over it, they’re fearful about it. They spend all their emotions noticing that which they don’t have. Not feeling good about what they have, because that’s a reality. I get it, people will say, “well I’m just telling it like it is… well, telling it like it is, keeps it like it is. Justifying where you are, keeps you where you are. The more that your vibration congruent, the less likely your life will change. Now, kind of like the Moses example, right? They said, “well, it’s not raining, why would it be digging  ditches,” right? They were vibrationally congruent with the dry season, so that’s what they got. It wasn’t until they dug ditches to collect the rainwater, they became vibrationally incongruent. All of a sudden, the result in their reality caught up to that.

You need to spend more time with memories of your future than memories of your current or past.

You need to see yourself having the money and what you will be doing with that money, whatever it is that you would love to do if you had more money. How this works is you start to become vibrationally incongruent with your reality, where you’re not noticing all your challenges, all your missteps, all the things wrong, all the bad, all the lack of a scarcity. You start to spend more time as if you already have that thing.

One of the best trainers to ever have this kind of approach is Neville GoddardNeville Goddard has done an amazing job of teaching this kind of process where you’re seeing yourself as already abundant. The example that I’ll share with you is something that has nothing to do with money. But I’ve used this exact same approach with money many, many, many times now.

My example is ballroom dancing. About two years ago, my wife and I started doing ballroom dancing classes. When I started, I was terrible. They’re asking me “Ray, do you hear the rhythm… the dune…dune.” I’m like Frankenstein out there stomping around….I’m just not cool. Not rhythmic, not coordinated. It just sucked. I’m going to make this story a little short, I will expand on it more on my Youtube channel. But I noticed that here I was showing up and doing these classes, but I wasn’t using my mind power. I wasn’t using what I’m teaching you here right now, I wasn’t spending time acting as if I already had the thing versus I was just vibration congruent. I’m not a good dancer. I wasn’t a good dancer. I’m not improving. I wasn’t improving. Instead, I went home, I started seeing myself as a better dancer. I asked myself, How would I feel? And how would I know that’s true? If it were true, then one, I would feel good. Two, people would compliment me. I literally in my mind started seeing people compliment me on how good I was at dancing. What’s crazy is some of the compliments I saw in my mind actually happened in reality later on. What I didn’t do…is I didn’t all of a sudden decide I’m a good dancer, then all of a sudden, I was a good dancer. I just stopped noticing the missteps. I stopped noticing the miscues, I stopped noticing that I forgot the step, I stopped noticing all that stuff, and spending time and energy on that stuff, and started spending more time just seeing myself as being that good dancer. Then late last year, we actually went to an international contest in Miami, we came in first place in salsa and cha-cha. My instructor said, there was one day where you just really got so much better, so much faster, and you hadn’t really been progressing and then all of a sudden, you just skyrocketed.” 

That was the day I started using my mindset. That was the day I stopped just being vibrationally congruent with my reality, that’s when your life will change.

Let’s hear from you.

Next, I’m going to share with you my actual nighttime routine. Do this exact thing so you can start manifesting more money. But before I go forward, what is it that you’re trying to manifest money for? Is there a reason? Is it because you’re trying to pay your bills? I mean, I’ve been there before. At one point I was in foreclosure and dead broke, so I understand what that’s like. But what are you trying to manifest money for? If you can’t answer this question, you’re going to struggle with manifesting money. This may help you to really clarify what you would do with the money? Let’s say you manifest the money, what would you do with the money, drop it in the comments.

The nighttime routine I do to manifest money.

All right, what is this night routine that I do every single night? Well, this is really tapping into seeing yourself as having the thing that you want. Whatever that is, and in this case, it could be money, it could be something else. There are a couple ways of manifesting. There’s a…I think a more standard way which is visualizing yourself as having the thing that you want, right? That’s been taught by many people. But there’s another way of doing this, which I actually find easier and that is via a conversation in the future. Every night before I go to bed, I pick a slice of time. Sometimes it’s 10 years from now, sometimes it’s a week from now, sometimes it’s three days from now. I picture myself having a conversation with someone. They’re asking me how the past has been for me. Literally, everything that I’m sharing with them, I’m sharing from a past perspective. These are not things that are going to happen. These are things that happened. This is very important because if you’re someone that says, I will do this, or I can’t wait for this to happen, or I know that this will happen. You’re projecting everything in the future. The problem is, the future isn’t a date, the future is always the future. When you say “I will be making a lot of money,” then a year from now you will be making a lot of money, 10 years from now, we will be making 20 years, it will be me, right? Stop projecting things into the future. It’s more powerful for you to describe things in the past, okay.

Have this conversation, for example, today, here I am doing our YouTube today, right, so I do 20 videos today, and load them on our YouTube channel, which we do once a month. Then this weekend, I’m speaking at an event called Podfest, and there’ll be a whole bunch of people there. I’m a keynote speaker, and I’ll be sharing from the stage, I’ve already had a conversation with someone a week from now, on how excellent today went, how smooth it went, how fast it went, how awesome it was. I’ve also already had a conversation with someone on how amazing Podfest was and how people came up to me and wanted to hire me immediately and I got three new clients, and they’re like some of my favorite clients I’ve ever had, I’ve already had that discussion, I’ve already had that conversation in my mind. What I’ve done over and over and over is I have these conversations in my mind, and then I see them in my reality. You need to spend more time with memories of your future, right? Because if it’s repeated, it becomes a memory, right? You start to remember having this conversation, you start to remember the feelings as you’re sharing it with somebody. This is the practice that I do every single night. If you want to manifest more money, this is what I would suggest, have a conversation with someone in the future, but you’re describing everything in the past.

Someone may ask you, “Hey, I hear that you started making a lot more money.”

“Yeah, it’s been amazing. All of a sudden, my boss started paying me more. Then I started this side gig and it started generating a lot of money and it was really incredible. Life has really changed.”

You’re describing things in the past, in this future conversation, which kind of tricks your brain and tricks your subconscious. Now, why before bed, because that’s when your subconscious kicks in. That is the co-creator of your reality, such an important time. If you go to bed with negative emotions, you’re going to get more of that. What I should say, whatever you go to bed with, that’s what you’re going to get more of in your life. Make sure you’re creating this powerful visualization. You’re creating these powerful emotions as you’re sharing some of the things that you’re really proud of, and you’re really excited about and describe them in the past.

Let us help you with manifesting money.

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