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Money beliefs drive our business and is the backbone to the decisions we make from day-to-day, like many of your businesses as well.

Today, Jess and I are sharing a training we recently did which covered money mindset and what changes need to be made to make an impact.

Challenge Your Money Beliefs To Increase Your Impact

When working together in a marriage or partnership, having the same or similar money mindset is so important for increasing impact and making changes.

If you have two different directions of where you see your businesses finances going, it’s important to have a conversation and decide whether working together is something you want to do as you would make more of a difference with a likeminded money mindset.

In my marriage with Jessica, if it weren’t for her, I would probably invest every dollar we made and would have over 500 coaches or something. So she gives me a great balance because she helps me see things a little differently and is super supportive.

In this training session, Jess and I talk about challenging your money mindset and your beliefs surrounding finances in order to increase your business growth and make a bigger difference.

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