mlspThis weekend I spoke at the MLSP Live the Dream event in Austin, Texas and wanted to share the live recording as well as my main points.

I had people tell me this training really fired them up and I hope it helps you too!

{Network Marketing Event} The Prospecting and Recruiting Summit

Our biggest event of the year is September 16-18th and we are calling it the Prospecting and Recruiting Summit. This event will share with you how to better prospect and recruit more people into your network marketing team using social media as well as all other forms of prospecting and recruiting. We have not announced the full details of the speakers just yet but they already include recruiting machines such as Brian Carruthers, Cedrick Harris, Amani Zein, Jessica Higdon, John Melton, Diane Hochman and more. It is being held at the Sanibel Harbor Resort in Ft Myers, Florida. We start at 9am on Friday and end at 4pm on Sunday. Hope to see you there! To grab your tickets, CLICK HERE

What is MLSP and Live the Dream?

MLSP stands for My Lead System Pro, and it is an attraction marketing system. I have been a member of MLSP for seven years now (wow how time flies!). MLSP teaches network marketers how to generate more leads and sales using the Internet and is a great community for those trying to figure out how to grow their business using the Internet.

I have been on stage for MLSP at every single Live the Dream event the last seven years and am proud of what these guys have put together. The three main reasons that I find MLSP useful to the network marketer are:

  1. Education – whereas most network marketing companies don’t teach marketing, they do a great job of sharing modern strategies that work online to get leads and sales.
  2. Compensation – The truth is most people you ever talk to will NOT join your business but that same person may be interested in education as well and you get compensated if someone buys MLSP from you (although it is NOT a multi-level company)
  3. Community – The community is very supportive if you are new and also a great exposure agent if you decide to grow your MLSP business.

My Talk from My Lead System Pro’s Live the Dream 7 Event

I asked my good friend and coaching graduate Steve Krivda to record my talk on Livestream so you CAN watch my entire talk in the video below but here are the highlights:

  1. I first talked about why blogging is still the king of marketing AND how we treat our email list (I had several marketers tell me this part blew them away)
  2. I then broke down the elements of a good website, why they work and what is important (last month we generated 22,000+ leads, it is by design!)
  3. I then get into how to change your world and the world around you, and yes, I get fired up! A lot of people had tears running down their face from this part, I think this is a rare glimpse into me getting fired up (I don’t do this that often but when it is needed, we go there!)

I hope you enjoy and if you feel this is valuable content, feel free to share!

Did you get moved by that? Hope so! Here’s to YOU and US changing the world!

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