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MLM Training: Powerful Secrets of Team Building


This is one of those brief MLM training videos that could potentially change your approach to team building.

If you want to create the best and strongest team, pay attention!

Begin with the end in Mind when it comes to Team Building

I have heard all kinds of MLM training when it comes to teambuilding. But last night one of my mentors and my upline leader stayed at my house and taught me some super powerful secrets when it comes to building a team.

You want to begin with the end in mind. Think about that for a second. If you bring new reps into your team and you cripple them by saying to get every single prospect on the phone with you for a three way call, thereby NOT allowing them to be their own business owners, what do you think might happen when you have just 1,000 people on your team?

Last night I had dinner and stayed up late chatting with my mentor and friend Troy, who has a team of 200,000 people in 24 countries and his phone rang one time and it was a company executive with a new idea. In the below video I share our conversation on this topic and you might consider the benefits of team building the way that he suggested to me.

Video: MLM Training from Multi-Million Dollar Earner

This doesn’t mean in any way that you leave your teammates in the dust and don’t support them but it DOES mean you ENABLE them to be their own business owners and NOT have to 100% rely on some superstar (or you!). He told me his team grows like crazy every single day and this is from a combination of having great MLM training, a lot of events to plug people into and that people are enabled to operate like business owners from day one.

If you want to prevent burnout, ENABLE your people, don’t CRIPPLE or handicap them by telling them they have to rely on you for their success.

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