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MLM Training:
My Wife is Hosting the
My Lead System Pro Webinar


Tonight! You are gonna get a chance to learn cutting edge MLM training tips from my wife, Jessica Higdon on the My Lead System pro webinar.

Here’s what I know about her style of Training

She has an amazing way of teaching people how to do simple things that work. Yes, I am biased as she is my wife but I can tell you without a doubt, she is one of the best trainers in this entire profession.

She is going to be covering how to recruit people on Facebook even with all the new, crazy restrictions and even going to cover a total bonus MLM training all on using Google+ to recruit and connect with people. Be sure to register for this exclusive training for My Lead System Pro here

How We Have Used My Lead System Pro

MLSP or My Lead System Pro, does weekly, value trainings to help any network marketer recruit more reps and get more leads. Not everyone you talk to is open to a new company but any network marketer you talk to probably wants to get training on how to use the Internet and how to do better in their own company. MLSP teaches that and allows you to make commissions suggesting their training. We have been with my lead system pro since late 2009 and it has helped us tremendously. You can find out more on mlsp here.

Video: What Jessica will be covering in her MLM training tonight

I know you are gonna love her training tonight, make sure you register here, webinar happens at 9pm est tonight! Enjoy it and make sure you take lots of notes!

Did you know: Jessica has recruited more than 80 people from Facebook, without doing pay per click and even built a $10,000 a month income in her primary business. She is gonna help you get to the top! Comment below if you have ever heard some of her training and enjoy it.


To Your Abundance!

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PS: June, Orlando, Your Life will NEVER be the same! Welcome, to Top Earner Academy!

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