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MLM Top Earner Tips: How to Present Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Here is a brutal reality; if you truly want to become a force in this industry and an MLM top earner, you are going to need to work on your presentation skills. Don't worry if you are nervous about speaking, it is natural, however, coming from someone who used to be terrified to speak, I can tell you that if you move past this fear, great things can come. In this blog I will give you some basic tips as well as some more advanced ones on how to present your network marketing opportunity.

Basics: How to get over the jitters

1) Practice. It is that simple. We build up all the bad things that can happen which rarely actually do. Get out there and practice. Invite friends over and do a practice presentation for your company, you might be shocked to find out they want to join too! Hunt out avenues for you to practice getting in front of people presenting anything. [SURVEY_FORM_LEFT]2) Know your product and company. Don't make this an 18 month project but feel comfortable with your knowledge of whatever it is you are presenting. If you are a huge fan of Seinfeld and have seen every episode, you could probably feel comfortable talking about it in front of people right? Know that you will know more about your subject that most people in the room. If you are worried about someone asking a particular question, hunt out the answer first. 3) Be addicted to the action, not the results. Make yourself do presentations and webinars constantly to get there faster but do not get frustrated if no one signs up. No one signed up with me into anything when I first started either so don't sweat it.

Advanced: MLM Top Earner Presentation Formula

Your presentation for your network marketing opportunity should NOT simply be a sales presentation, it should also be a training. Train the prospects watching how to build their business at the same time you are presenting the information. You also want to train them on how to be informed about common objections but without being defensive. The ultimate way to do this is to play the devils advocate... Let me give you some examples. If you are in a health and wellness company and you are presenting, an obvious objection is going to be that there are 4,800 other companies in health and wellness and what makes your company different. Even if there truly is not difference, you have to train them that there is. Here's a sample script to play the devils advocate: "When I first saw this company I thought, good grief, yet another health and wellness company in network marketing, but then, once I found out that they did XYZ differently than any other company, it helped me understand that this company was different" You want to address what people are thinking in their heads without being defensive and the devils advocate does that for them. This also prepares them as when they leave the presentation they are undoubtedly going to run into 50% of the people that say that exact thing to them and now they have a way to answer that objection. Play the devils advocate in all areas of your presentation that may be common objections that your reps and you run into.

Understand the 4 real reasons people have success in their network marketing opportunity

Your presentations should convey elements of the 4 real reasons people have success in this industry. The four critical components are: - Leadership - Training - Support - Team Hyping the product, company momentum or incentives can get people to make a decision and join but none are long term hooks to keep them involved and excited. Don't leave out these critical components when presenting your network marketing business.

Homework for those desiring to become an MLM Top Earner

This is just for those serious. Watch the below video and then answer the question below the video via a comment below.
1) Where did I play devils advocate? (hint: there are at least 2 places) 2) Where did I train people what to do vs just try to sell them? 3) BONUS: Infomercials that sell the best use a form of demonstration. What areas did I demonstrate anything? If you enjoyed this post please comment and share if you want more content like this Ray Higdon Skype: ray.higdon Email: [email protected] Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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