Yes, the funny title for a blog post right? But there are some powerful MLM tips in here mixed in with the humor, enjoy!

This will help you when you have non-supportive family members or friends in regard to your home business.

First of all, I love my Brother-in-Law!

This is not a personal bashing of my brother-in-law! This post comes from me noticing via three-way and coaching calls that a lot of times it seems that network marketers have a non-supporting brother-in-law or other family members. This post and video will help ease your mind when you encounter these types of people.

Starting a Home Business Has its Struggles

One of the biggest gotchas with almost any work from home business is the pay is usually not fantastic at first ESPECIALLY if there is a residual component. You may be able to make a lot more money quicker with other things but it’s doubtful they will last. This weekend my buddy Jeff taught a ton of solid MLM tips at a regional in West Palm Beach and said:

“In the beginning, you WILL be overworked and grossly underpaid, if you stay in the season and focus, you can start to become grossly overpaid and underworked!” By the way, he makes 7 figures a year and was dead broke when he started, don’t worry, his friends and family also mocked him when he was starting a home business too!

MLM Tips: Dealing with the Negative Brother-in-Law or Whoever


Was that helpful? I had several useful MLM tips in that short video. Again, this is NOT a bash against ALL brother-in-law, mine are awesome! However, when someone is criticizing YOU for trying to better your life, ask yourself the questions in the video and see how they measure up. This does NOT mean to call them an idiot or explain why they might be uneducated, just go about your way and create that powerful life you deserve!

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