In need of some MLM tips for when your friends and family are ignoring your pleas to join your Network Marketing business?

This will help you to understand why your warm market may be responding they are and what to do about it to still create MLM success!

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MLM Tips for those being Ignored by their Warm Market

First of all, let me give you insight on possibly why your warm market is ignoring you. Number one, I love what Eric Worre says and I’m really honored. Here, in a few weeks, I’m going to speaking on Eric Worre’s stage sharing it with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, and a whole bunch of other just amazing individuals and leaders.

I first heard this from Eric Worre. He said when you enter network marketing, you’re either punished or rewarded for the life that you lead before network marketing. Now, some people, they come into network marketing and they are socially connected, they’ve been a leader in their community, they have a lot of respect and rapport with a lot of people, and instantly they’re rewarded. Recruiting for them is super, super simple. I remember I was at a network marketing meeting and this guy got up there and he said, “I recruited the first 60 people I talked to and here’s the script that I used.” Everyone’s like frantically, “Oh my god. Oh. Whoa.” Script time, right, because that’s what everyone wants.

The truth is it doesn’t matter what he says because it wasn’t the script that netted him 60 recruits. It was the amount of respect and rapport they had for him. It was the work he did before network marketing that got him those 60 recruits. He could have given you a really terrible script that worked for him because of his prior engagement and experience with those people. That’s what you have to understand. There is no magical script that will take a warm market that doesn’t respect you and all of a sudden make them respect you.

Now, when I recruit somebody who is influential, I tell them almost anything with work. Almost anything you say will work, just get them in front of the presentation and just say, “Hey, I’m doing this thing. It may or may not be a fit for you. Check it out. If you like it, great. If not, no big deal.” If they do that, then they get sign ups. It’s magic, right? No. It’s the respect and rapport that they had prior to joining network marketing. That’s what you have to understand. You have to understand that differentiation. When you have a warm market that’s ignoring you, you have to look at what is it that you’ve either done or what is it that you’re doing that is causing them to ignore you. Let me give you a couple things that might help you out.

Number two, if you’ve been in 22 different network marketing companies and you’ve pitched every single one to every person that you know, they are now immune to your money message. They are immune. You could literally go to them and say, “Hey. If you hand me $10, I’ll hand you back $20.” They’ll say, “No, thanks man. I’m good. I’m good with what I’m doing. I’m focused. I’m good. No, thanks. I don’t have the time.” And you’re like, “No no no. You don’t understand. If you hand me a 10, I’ll hand you a 20 right back.” Your warm market will be like, “No no no. We’re good. We’re good, bro. We’re good, man. Hey, best of luck to you.”

They’re immune to your money message. You can not go after them and say, “Money, money, money, money.” You can’t go after them and say, “Hey, it’s ground floor. It’s a million dollar opportunity. It’s this or that.” You just can’t do it. Okay. Don’t go after them. If you’ve been in 22 network marketing companies or 11 or 10. I’ve been in a bunch of them. I’ve failed in a bunch of them before I was the number one income earner in my last network marketing company. If you’ve been in a bunch and you’ve done the money pitch many times, they’re immune to your money message. Now, did I say to not go after them? Never said that. I never said that. You should. You should connect with them and see if they are open but in a certain way.

Go to them. This is what I call my burnt market approach. If you’ve been in a bunch of network marketing companies and you’ve pitched them they’re immune to your money message so go to them with this. Say, “Hey, I know this type of business isn’t a fit for you. I know it is not for you in any way, shape, or form. However, I think you might like the product.”

I have never, not one time, suggested that to someone who actually did it and they didn’t get a sign up. Let me explain where you’re having trouble with this suggestion.

You’re having trouble with, “Wait a minute, I want a business builder, Ray.” Okay. Well, the way that you get a business builder or a customer is you get them in front of your presentation. You ain’t going to get them in front of your presentation if you’re pitching them money and business and they’re already immune to that message. You have to go at them a little differently. When you say, “Hey, I know this business isn’t a fit for you. I know you have absolutely no interest in it in any way, shape, or form but I think you might like the product.” See, they’ve never been approached that way. They’ve never heard of that. They’re used to you pitching them on making money. That will open their eyes and they’ll be like, “What is it?” And you’ll say, “Yeah. I’ll send you a little video. Check it out. Again, I don’t think the business is a fit but I do think the product is beneficial to you. Check it out. If you’d like to get the product, I’d be more than happy to show you how to do it.”

People like buying cool products. I love buying cool products. We buy lots of cool products. I actually buy products from 5, 6 different MLM companies. I love buying products. What I have hesitation to is adding on new income streams if I feel that they’re not congruent with what I’m currently doing. Someone could get me on a product much easier than they could get me to promote an opportunity. I’m kind of weird. Right. But your warm market, if you’ve been pitching them money, money, money, they’re immune to it. Stop it. Stop talking to them about making money because they’re immune to it. They’re not going to listen to you. Hit them with the product. Now, here’s what will happen.

For those of you that are saying, “Wait a minute. I want a business builder, Ray. Customers shmustomers.” Right. For those that are saying that, here’s what will happen every single time. When you have them get in front of the presentation, some of them, some of them, not all of them, some of them will say, “This seems really cool. Why wouldn’t I do it as a business?” That’s where you have to play dumb and you say, “Oh, I guess you could. Never thought of that. I guess you could. Sure. We can get you on board as a business.” See, it never would have happened if you didn’t get their eyeballs on the presentation and you won’t get their eyeballs on the presentation if you’re leading with the money message. If your warm market is ignoring you, step one is determining why. Why are they ignoring you?

Another reason for people to ignore you is if you’re all about you. I get at least 10 emails a day from someone emailing me and saying, “Ray, hey man. I know you’re really busy, but could you please check out my presentation?” They send me an hour long video. If I watched every video that someone asked me to review, I literally would be dead broke because I wouldn’t have time to do anything else. That type of request is actually unreasonable. It’s unreasonable. You need to establish something before you hit them with a link. If you’re saying, “Hey, could you do me a favor and watch this hour video?” That is an unreasonable request. Now, if you come to me and say, “Hey, I got this product and it’s this and that and I think it’s this and that.” And I say, “Hey, please send me the video. I would love to check that out. That sounds interesting.” That’s a different story, but if you’re just hitting your warm market with, “Hey, I just joined this thing. Check this thing out. It’s only an hour.” That’s an unreasonable request. Don’t send unsolicited links and don’t ask for favors where it’s clearly in your best interest. Okay. Try to be a benefit to them before they are solely a benefit to you.

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MLM Success and YOU!

Hope these MLM tips help you to realize why your warm market may be ignoring you. If you are serious about MLM success you need to ditch the sadness or frustration that might affect most people with a non-responsive warm market. You may consider learning cold market prospecting and recruiting, this is a recording we did last week you might enjoy – Cold Market Prospecting.

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