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My MLM Tips for More Biz Builders

Each week we do a “Free Coaching Friday” on my Periscope Channel. This past week we had 1,100 people on and people LOVED IT saying it was one of the best trainings they had ever seen. One of the BIG questions I answered was “How do you turn product users or customers into business builders?” and my answer is written and in the video below.

I can safely bet that hardly anyone has ever taught this. IF you use the MLM tips I give below, you WILL turn MANY of your customers into fired up business builders. IF you get value from this, feel free to share with your teammates and drop me a comment below.

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Transform Customers into Builders for Massive MLM Success

All right, the question is, how do you turn product users into business builders? Here’s the key…

You link in their mind the benefits that they have received as a benefit that other people want and you associate the non-delivery or non-sharing of benefits as being selfish.

I’m going to say that again. I’m going to say that again because that’s a $50,000 training right there. You ready for this? All right, let me say it again. If you want to turn a product user into a business builder, you associate their benefit as being a benefit that other people want and you associate the non-sharing of that benefit with people that need it as being selfish.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that I’m in weight-loss, which I’m not. I’m not in weight-loss, but let’s say I am. I help somebody and they lose 50 pounds. I’m going to ask them, “How do you feel? How do you feel? You lost 50 pounds, how do you feel?” They’re going to say, “Oh my god, my life has changed, I feel so much better.” I’ll then say, “Well, give me some examples,” and they’re going to say, “When I go out of bed, my knees feel better. When I walk through the grocery store, I notice people, they treat me differently. When I’m at a restaurant, I feel like people are nicer to me. When I look at myself in the mirror, I notice that I look so much better.” I’ll say, “Okay, so you’re feeling more confident, it sound like. Sounds like people are being nicer to you. Sounds like your day is better. Would you agree with that?” They’re going to say, “Yeah, my day is so much better. I’m feeling great,” and I might ask, “How is your energy level?” “Oh my god, my energy level is through the roof. It is just amazing, it is unbelievable.”

What I’ve done is I’ve now gathered benefits. I’ve gathered benefits, which by the way, have nothing to do with the stupid product. See, how most people would handle that same situation, they would say, “Well, you know there’s omega 3s in there. You should be telling your friends.” No one cares about omega 3s, all right? They care about feeling better, they care about energy, they care about people being nicer to them, they care about being treated differently, they care about looking in the mirror and feeling better. That’s what they care about, so stop preaching what it is and preach what it does.

Now that I’ve gathered some benefits, “Okay, just to recap here, you said you have more energy, you feel better when you roll out of bed, you feel better when you look in the mirror, you feel like people treat you nicer, you feel like people don’t judge you as much. Did I get all that right?” They’ll say, “Yeah, absolutely.” “And you have more energy right? Wow, that’s amazing. Let me ask you a question, it’s just a really simple question. Do you think that there’s more people out there that are struggling like you did?” They’re going to say, “Oh my god, yeah,” and I’m like, “I’m just curious, I know you feel really good right now. How would you feel if you were me and you were listening to someone you introduced to this product and they were sharing what you are sharing with me. How would that make you feel?”

What Happens if you do this?

You want me to make a prediction? If you do exactly what I just said, if you do it, a tear is going to roll down their face. If you do exactly what I just said. Have I mentioned the business right now? Have I mentioned money? “Hey, you want to make a lot of money?” See, that’s what a lot of people lead with. So off base. Most people don’t have a lot of money because money isn’t a priority to them. They may say that it is, they may take a handout if someone is giving out. They may even play the lotto, but making money for most people is not a priority. I want you to understand that. Feeling better, very high priority. Feeling important, very high priority. Looking better, very high priority. Making money, for most people, not a high priority. You may think it is. You may think it is, because in your life maybe it is. Most people, it’s not, because do you know, if they actually made it a priority, they’d have more money.

Let me get back, I digress. You say, “How would you feel if you were me and you were sitting across from someone that you introduced to the product, and they’re telling you what you’re telling me? How would that make you feel?” Tear. “Oh my god, I never thought of it that way.” I might then say, “You know, we never push the opportunity on people because we believe in the product and we believe in changing lives and we believe in making an impact, one person at a time. But you know what I’ve found is that the people who truly care, they can’t help but tell others about this, and those people we just want to take care of, we want to compensate them. We want them to better their lives, not just health-wise, which is what our product does, but also financially.”

Do you think if you did this, if you did what I just said, would you convert almost every single product user to business builders right away? You would explode your business, but unfortunately what you’re doing is you’re saying, “Do you want to make money? Hey, let’s all go make some money,” right? Then they’re turned off, “Whoa, no man, I like the product. Whoa, easy,” right? If you tie into those emotions, if you tie into that benefit, and truly, seriously, if you believe in your product, then you’re freaking selfish for not sharing it. If you’re going to share something, why shouldn’t you be compensated? That is where you can make whatever money you want. You want to make $100 million? You can make it. All you have to do is associate money with value, and when you do that, you can make whatever you want.

See, most people, they associate money with greed or selfish or evil, so they’re way over here making as little impact as possible, not helping very many people and that’s why most people are broke, because they associate a lot of money with being greedy and selfish but, if you associate money with value, we know that the more money that our company makes as a training and coaching company, the more lives we’re impacting. That’s what we know. If I have that association, when will I be done impacting lives? Is it a certain dollar amount? “You know what guys, when we hit 10 million here, you know, we’re good. We’ve helped enough people on the planet.” No, that would be never.

“Oh, my heart is still beating, oh there’s still blood in there? Okay, then I should be helping others. I should be helping and impacting others. Got it.” Because I draw that, that’s why we don’t have a problem, that’s why we’ve doubled. We doubled in 2013, we almost doubled in 2014. We’re going to double in 2015. It’s because we have that association that money equals value. Money equals impact. Money equals you helping others. If you don’t have that, then yore going to struggle with money consistently.

Now this is just one example, a weight-loss example. You can do the same thing with the feelings generated with a family vacation or getaway, an improvement in skin look and feel, etc. Remember this statement – You link in their mind the benefits that they have received as a benefit that other people want and you associate the non-delivery or non-sharing of benefits as being selfish.

Note that this is an edited transcript of the below video, to FEEL my full emotion and totally get all the context, watch this video:

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