Today is a special set of MLM Tips that I believe will highly motivate you.

It shares a story I learned awhile back that I think has a lot to do with Network Marketing Success.

Have you Heard of Mel Fisher?

Mel Fisher, born in Gary, Indiana, was a chicken farmer turned treasure hunter who for 16 years searched for treasure before he found any but when he did, he found hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold and silver.

If you are ever in Key West, I highly suggest going to his museum and learning more about his story and seeing some of the treasures him and his team uncovered.

MLM Tips: Today’s the Day!

Today I have a really, really powerful story of inspiration.

You may notice my shirt here. Today is the day. We’re here in Key West, and my wife and I actually went to the Mel Fisher Sunken Treasure Museum, which is pretty cool. I had heard his name, but I didn’t really know the full story behind it, but Mel Fisher is a guy that did underwater salvaging, and was always looking for treasure, and he found it.

One part of his story that really, really stood out was, every single time that him and his crew went out on the sea, looking for treasure, he always, every single day, said, “Today’s the day. Today’s the day.” Despite if the day before sucked, despite if the day before, or the week before, they hadn’t found anything, every single day, he said, “Today’s the day.” He said, “Today’s the day” for over 16 years, every day, before he actually found his treasure. He ended up finding over $500 million worth of gold, silver, and artifacts. Just incredible. Just amazing. Right?

Along the way, he lost his son, he lost his daughter-in-law. Just some crazy, crazy circumstances, but every single day, for 16 years, he said, “Today’s the day.”

Here’s my question to you. How are you showing up? Do you show up every day thinking that today’s the day, or do you reflect on your past year or so of struggles? Maybe you’ve been struggling for a year or so. Maybe you’ve been struggling for a few years. Why not wake up every single day, believing that today’s the day? Why not wake up every single day with a glimmer of hope, that today’s going to be the day that you turn your life around? Let’s embrace that power of positive thinking that Mel Fisher used, and why not just every day, from now on, think that today is the day? I know I am. I got inspired by this story. I hope you did too. Feel free to share and comment. If you know someone who’s been struggling, maybe they haven’t been struggling for 16 years, but they’ve been struggling for a little bit, and help them believe that today is their day.

Check out this quote from Mel:
“I think that perseverance has paid. That’s one of the main things, just hang in there and do your thing and when people try to tear you down or get jealous, just let it go in one ear and out the other and keep on going.” – Mel Fisher  (Tweet This)

Adapt this Attitude for Network Marketing Success

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