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MLM Tips: Structuring Goals for the New Year

goals for the new year

Need help structuring your goals for the new year? Inside this short video I give you two quick tips on setting those goals.

Watch this short video from Orlando and set those goals for the new year and HIT EM!

Two Tips to Help You

In the video I share two tips with you on setting goals for the new year. The first tip is pretty standard yet so few people do it. The second tip, is a little different.

You may have seen the movie the Secret or heard people talk about a vision board. Yesterday on a team call with my good friend and teammate, Cesar Rodriguez, he talked about having a vision board and how important it was to him.

In the video I share what I use which is a little different but has been amazing for me and my life. Here’s my promise to you, IF you just do the two tips inside the below video, you WILL be much more likely to create a powerful new year!

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Video: Setting those Goals for the New Year

Was that video helpful? What if you and ALL of your teammates all did those two basic actions? Do you think you would all my more likely to hit all your goals for the new year? I bet you would! Feel free to share this with anyone you feel could benefit and would appreciate your comment below if you have some feedback or a comment!

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