Today you are going to learn my best MLM tips for helping a team that is either on life support or passed away a long time ago.

IF you have a team of people that aren’t working, this will help you out.

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MLM Tips for Team Building (when your team isn’t doing anything)

If you want to change something, you change the way you describe it. So I would never use the words “my team has given up”. You can say, “What do I do to re-energize my team? What do I do to fire up my team?” You can say those things, but I would never say, “What do I do if my team has given up?”, because if you’re saying that, then you have to experience that. You have to manifest that. You have to see it happen before your eyes.

First of all, I’m going to tell you something you don’t want to hear. The best thing that you can do for your existing team is build a new one. Do you know why that’s the best thing you can do? Because you will be doing that which you wish they would do, and you will inspire them. They’ll say, “Whoa, did you see Ray’s building a new team? What the heck? What about us? Wow, he’s doing the things he wishes we would do.”

See, that fires people up. Fire them up. Show them how it’s done. Be the example. You go out there and make it happen. You want to fire somebody up? Don’t tell them. show them. Show them what you’re made of. Show them what you can do. You go out there and build a team. Build a brand new team that’s larger than your existing one. That’s the number one thing you can do to fire up your existing team. Show them how it’s done. Stop saying pretty please with sugar berries on top. Show them how it’s done. You do what you wish they would do, and that’s what you should be doing every day anyway. Go build a new team. That’d be number one.

Number two, mix it up. Mix it up. We do, for large teams, at least, we do webinars for large teams. Like I just talked to a new friend here in the last day or so, I think it was Wednesday maybe, friend Denise, Denise up in Canada, and she’s gonna bring me on her webinar for her … She’s got a pretty large team, and so we do those kind of things. Mix it up. Who can you have as a guest trainer? What kind of new information from somebody other than you can you pump in? A lot of times, our clients will have us speak to their teams, and I may say the exact same thing that they say, but when it’s coming from someone else, it’s very powerful. So number one, show them how it’s done. Number two, mix it up. Mix it up and start introducing … Have someone else, maybe it’s an upline, maybe it’s a crossline, maybe it’s an outside trainer, whatever. Mix it up and have someone else come on and share an empowering message.

Number three, do a contest. See who steps up. Do an accountability contest, like a 14-day contest where you assign points to prospecting. Do some kind of contest. See who spices it up. But I’m telling you, of all of these suggestions, the number one thing, you go recruit. You go build a new team. You go hit a new rank. You go show them how it’s done. That’s how you fire up a team. It’s the best way, and you’ll thank me if you take that on. So change your language. Stop defying your team as slackers or losers or not doing anything or giving up. Change your language about them and then go show them how it’s done. Did these MLM tips help you with your team building? Watch the short video below for a lil’ more and here are 21 more MLM tips

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