mlm tipsToday you will get my best MLM tips on getting your new rep started right.

IF you have ever struggled with how to get someone started, this will help.

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MLM Tips on Getting them Started Right

First you need to look at what do they want. What do they really want and do they want to build an empire, do they want to become a million dollar earner or do they just want to be a customer. You need to know what they want first of all. Second of all, you need to know if they’re coachable. That’s first and second. What do they want, are they coachable.

Then, IF they are coachable and want to become a top earner, a suggestion would be is to get them to embrace the idea that this is a business not a hobby, it’s a business and if they want business type income they need to treat it like a business. If they don’t understand that lingo then you tell them treat it like a job.

When I left corporate America, I went from working 9 to 5 to working 9 to 9. I know what it’s like to run things like a business. Some people don’t. If they don’t, if they’ve never ran a business, then tell them treat it like a job. Do you just show up to your job whenever you want? No, you show up or you’re fired. That’s how you treat a job. You want to teach people to treat it like a business if they want business income or if they don’t understand that lingo treat it like a job. Very, very important.

Show them the system. Show them, one what they need to do as a new rep to accomplish their goals. If they just want to use the product, then point them to a resource that does 2 things. One, shows them how to use the product. Two, shows them how to tell others how to use that product. That means you’re teaching them to teach immediately. What we use is a fast start training that tells them where the training is located, where to ask their questions, how to get a hold of customer support, what they need to do to accomplish what they want and we always tell them about the next upcoming event.

What if your Company DOESN’T have Great Training?

Now if you don’t have great training, one suggestion for you might be you might give them one of my Home Business Fast Start CD’s. We have some leaders that buy these in the big packs and give them to their new reps. You can check it out if you’d like.

How I handle long distance reps just so you’re aware because its right on the same line here is we have a video training archive that people can access no matter what country or planet they’re on. If they’re in Australia, they can simply log in to the 24 hour access training archive, go through the training at their convenience. If I wanted to, I could certainly ship one of these and we have done that before.

Here’s a question that will help you so much. This is a multiple. $100,000 question right here. Here’s the question you can ask a new rep. Are you easily influenced by the opinion of others? That is an incredible question to ask a new rep. Why is that incredible? Most people quit because they hear an opposing viewpoint from a friend or family member that’s why the quit.

In the below video I expand on this question and share with you exactly how to use it, this video contains my very best MLM tips for getting your new rep started and how to use the big question about the opinion of others, feel free to watch how to use it and share it with others.

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