mlm tipsToday you are gonna learn MLM tips on how to become a better leader.

Follow these network marketing success tips and you will be on your way!

Ever Consider Blogging?

My friends over at My Lead System Pro just launched something called “Sites”. It is about the simplest way I have ever seen to setup your own blog, literally three buttons and a few simple instructions and whammo, you are good to go. Watch them explain it in this video and you’ll also catch one of my best trainings on how to become an authority.

MLM Tips on Becoming a Leader

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How do you become the type of leader that people want to follow?

Some people they think that it’s about schmoozing or it’s about some kind of charismatic way to be. My approach has always been to lead with value.

We’ve now done almost 1700 blog posts, over 600 podcasts, and as of yesterday, we’ve done over 100 Periscopes. The way that we want to come across as leaders is by putting value into the marketplace like network marketing success tips that help our target market out. Our target market is network marketers. We help a lot of network marketers. Our free content and our products typically help the network marketer to get out of struggle and into success. We personally coach a lot of top earners. We have multiple seven-figure-a-year network marketing clients. We have quite a few six- and seven-figure earners that we coach, and we also have a Mastermind program.

When I first started in this profession, I was in foreclosure. My house was in foreclosure. I was dead broke. I was being chased by bill collectors. I had failed in eleven different marketing companies, and I just started creating content. I started blogging. Just sharing. I wasn’t going on there saying, “Hey, I’m in foreclosure. Please share this blog because I really need it.” I didn’t do that, but what I did was I created content that I felt would help the network marketer. I’m not saying you have to create content for the network marketer, but I am saying you got to create content.

The bulletproof way to become a leader in any marketplace is to out-teach your competition. Out-teach your competition. If you have very, very stiff competition that creates a lot of content, then at least stay on par with them. If they’re doing a podcast a day and a Periscope a day and a blog post a day, then maybe you need to do some of that. My answer is probably not the most popular answer. That’s quite possible, but it is an answer that I stand firmly behind. How would we have become leaders if we didn’t create all this free content and we didn’t provide so much value to the marketplace? That’s my answer, my friend. Teach more to your audience. Teach to your target market. Help them solve their problems. Help them achieve their goals.

Lastly, do the things you wish others would do. Show appreciation, send thank you cards, if you have a team, do the things you wish they would do like prospect and recruit. Be the example for others and you WILL inspire them.

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Were these MLM tips helpful? Feel free to share. Remember the question was on how to become a LEADER not just someone who was making money. To me a leader is someone who teaches others and is an example of what to do.

Now I’d love to hear from you!

What do YOU feel makes a leader? What are some traits that you believe HAVE to be present to be classified as a leader? Comment down below and join the conversation.

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