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MLM Tips: How to Increase Your Retention

mlm tips retention

So you want to increase your team retention and how many stick? Here are my best MLM tips for you to do just that.

Watch this short video to see how to better retain people inside your network marketing business.

What Motivates People?

I read a book once that said the best definition of leadership is the ability to see the battlefield. I think that also applies to people in that I believe what motivates people has to do with what vision they hold in their mind.

If they hold a vision that “they can’t do it” or “it’s not possible”, they will be properly motivated to prove that right. They will still doubting the company product, comp plan, other leaders, color of their business cards, etc and will PROVE their vision to be true.

If they are like me and their vision is to create a multi-million dollar business that inspires and impacts people all over the world, they will be motivated to SEE the things that prove THAT vision to be true. It’s all in what you are looking for.

How to Motivate People is the WRONG Question

Many, many, many, many, many, many, many would-be leaders fall into this trap of trying to learn how to motivate their people. They recruit 1-2 people and then try to squeeze production out of them. I am NOT saying not to support or work with your people but THEY have to have their vision, you cannot smash it into their heads.

If you want the highest chance of motivating someone in your team, there are some powerful MLM tips in the below video that shares EXACTLY how to do just that.

Video: My MLM Tips About Retention

By the way, if you are serious about team building, feel free to check out my audio and workbook.

Can you apply and use those MLM tips right now? I see way too many people fall into the trap of management or being obsessed with learning how to motivate people vs what got them there in the first place which is recruiting. Always remember to INSPIRE not MOTIVATE!

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