mlm tipsToday you will hear my best MLM tips on getting others to like you.

If you struggle with what to say and generally feel you aren’t good at getting people to like you, this will help!

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MLM Tips on Getting Others to Like You

How do you get people to like you more?

I have a lot of suggestions on this. Number one: first and foremost, listen. Listen to them. Do you know how much you stand out if you actually communicate with somebody and you actually listen? Do you know, most people, their spouse doesn’t listen to them, their kids don’t listen to them, their boss doesn’t listen to them, hardly anyone in the world listens to them. When you listen to somebody, they’re like … it’s like a weird phenomenon for you.

There’s a great book out there, and I love the author, he’s amazing, we’ve done a webinar or two together. My man, Bob Burg, he wrote a book called Endless Referrals. I’ll give you two book suggestions on this topic: endless Referrals by Bob Burg and How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. To me, those two books? Must reads for business. If you are in business, read Endless Referrals, read How To Win Friends and Influence People. Probably everyone should read them, but especially if you’re in business. Those two books, very, very powerful. Highly suggest.

So many people, they go around and they think that impressing people is how to get people to like them. In most cases – not all, but in most cases, that is anti-like. The more that you’re trying to impress people with how awesome you are and how amazing, the more you try to do that, typically the less they like you. They see you as a showoff, they see you as all about yourself, they see you as an egomaniac. It’s better for you to listen. When I’m meeting someone new, the last thing I’m going to talk about is my accomplishments or my accolades or whatever. In fact, I try to say as little as possible, and I just listen. I ask questions and I listen. It’s so mind blowingly simple, but so few people do it.

Number two: Solve problems. Solve problems, this is mainly going to be done in your marketing. Marketing is when you’re creating something that you hope someone sees and they react or respond to it. In your marketing, create content that solves problems. There’s a lot of people that I would say like me that I’ve never met, and it’s because I’ve helped them in some way. I’ve helped them overcome an obstacle. I’ve helped them solve a problem. I’ve helped them see life or business in a little bit different way, and that’s awesome. If you can get people to like you before they even meet you, half your work is done, if not more. Maybe 90% of your work is done. In your marketing, solve problems. How can you help people out? How can you help others overcome obstacles in whatever your target market is? This exact methodology will be a major concept we cover at our April Marketing Event.

If you are face to face, you want to be careful of solving problems. Not everyone wants to solve their problems, and I’ve found this out. When I talk to people, I’m like an engineer. I just think, “How can I solve their problem?” I’ve learned to take a step back. I’ve learned to take a step back because sometimes, when someone’s telling you their problem, they don’t want a solution, they just want to vent.

Be willing to give the space to learn the difference. When someone is giving you a problem, you may want to give them feedback and say, “Gotcha, I hear what you’re saying. I don’t know if you’re open to it or not, but i may have a suggestion for you.” Versus, a lot of people are so opinionated that when they hear a problem from somebody, they’ll say, “This is what you need to do!” That can create resistance and make people not like you. If someone knows that every time they come to you, you’re going to hit them with a direct suggestion, and you’re going to tell it like it is whether they want to hear it or not, they’ll stop telling you things.

The below video will help you dive a little deeper and help you to get more people liking you, you are awesome, why wouldn’t they like you??

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