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MLM Tips: How to be a Speaker


Are you in network marketing and want to learn how to be a speaker? This video is jam packed with tips on how to do just that!

I used to be afraid of public speaking…

If you are afraid of public speaking, don’t worry, I was too. In fact, I break down my full story in the video in this post. I share how I went from being afraid of public speaking to holding events that generated over half a million dollars in a weekend.

You certainly don’t learn how to be a speaker overnight but if you pay attention to what’s in today’s video you will get some hope that you can do it. The truth is if you are serious about making an impact with people, learning how to be a speaker is the greatest (and most profitable) skill you can ever acquire.

Are there any Good Books on Speaking?

Let me tell ya, there are a lot of BAD books out there on speaking, but there are some good ones too. Here are a few of my favorites:

Brendon Burchard: The Charge (OK, not solely on speaking, but will def help)

Tony Jeary: Life is a series of presentations

Warning about this video on How to be a Speaker

In this video that I did for MLSP I get very passionate and fired up. For some of you, unless you were at my Top Earner Academy event, this is the most fired up you will have ever seen me. When I get fired up and passionate I just might use a few choice words. Hope that doesn’t offend you too much and you choose to get the MLM Tips and the message I am sharing.

Did you enjoy the video? Did it fire you up? Please take a moment and leave me a comment if you enjoyed it!

To Your Abundance!

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PS: If you are serious about becoming a profitable speaker, and would love to learn how to structure sales presentations, check out my speaking course called “Presenting for Profits

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