mlm tipsToday you will learn some MLM tips around approaching your chicken list.

Your chicken list is a list of the people that you see as more successful than you that you may be afraid (chicken) to approach.

(NOTE: We realize the picture is a rooster lol)

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MLM Tips: Approaching your Chicken List

First of all, you approach them. You need to eliminate your addiction to an outcome. Go to them with the thought process of, you want to see if they’re open, versus you’re attempting to close them. That’s a big distinction. I never get nervous talking to someone because I’m seeing if they’re open versus trying to close them. If you’re focused on, “Hey I want to close this person,” you can get nervous Nelly. You can get all worked up. Then you just blow the speech. It just sucks. Don’t do that. Just see if they’re open.

You want to ask them in a way of respect without an addiction to the outcome and seeing if they’re open. It might look something like this. It might be, “Hey listen, I wanted to reach out to you. Listen, I really respect all the success that you’ve had, it’s just amazing. I don’t even know if the project that I’m working on is something that would interest you or not. I just wanted to reach out to you to see if you would be at least open to either grabbing a cup of coffee or having 5 minutes on the phone with me, or whatever.”

Someone that’s on a chicken list I’m probably not just going to send to a video. I’m probably not just going to say, “Hey, I’ll send you a link.” If they’re on my chicken list I’m going to give them a little bit more attention. Say, “Hey, I’d love to buy you a coffee.” I would not say lunch and I wouldn’t say dinner and I wouldn’t say breakfast. The reason is I don’t want you to assume that you have a right to more of their time and I don’t want you to get tongue tied. If you’re around them too much you could mess it up. If you’re going to ask for a physical meeting then ask about, “Hey, can I buy you a coffee?”

A chicken list is someone you’re chicken to call. It’s someone that you’re afraid to call. You’re nervous. You’re like, oooh, it’s someone that’s maybe more successful than you, higher up the social economic chain. The key thing here really, and I know this isn’t magic or anything, is to ask. It might look something like this, “Hey, I just want to reach out to you. Listen, I don’t know if I’m barking up the right tree. I don’t know if this is something that is of interest to you in any way, shape, or form. I really respect you, I’ve heard so many great things about you that I would love to sit down with you for 5 minutes, buy you a cup of coffee or doughnut or whatever it is that you would prefer, and just get your opinion on a project that I’m working on.” I would say project. People like projects a little bit more than my home business or my network marketing, my MLM, or something along those lines.

A few more MLM tips in the below video to solidify your approach so make sure you watch to see the rest of my suggestions. For more resources around Prospecting and Recruiting, this might help How to Recruit in Network Marketing

Was that helpful? Here’s the key question…will you reach out to someone today that you were afraid to? Hope so! Feel free to share and comment if you got value!

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