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MLM Tips: Grow Your Business Locally and without the Hype

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Want to know how to grow your business? Inside this short video you will learn some MLM tips on why (and how) you should do home meetings and why hype isn’t attracting who you want.

Pay attention as you may get a couple surprises out of this video!

Lots of Hype Out There!

Facebook and all over the Internet, hype is running rampant. Spam is everywhere and everyone is pitching the latest, greatest system, funnel, push button solution that doesn’t teach you a damn thing about getting better as a person or building relationships but instead promises the get rich quick microwave society an easy way to riches.

This is why I believe that NOW more than ever it is critical to set yourself apart and do things that DO help you build relationships and in my opinion running home meetings are one of those strategies that helps you attract higher quality people into your business.

How to Grow Your Business with Local Meetings

Inside the below short video I share some MLM tips with you on running a home meeting so they are not too cumbersome and I even give you a short script to say to those who do not show up to your home meeting. Combine these MLM tips with a solid daily routine that mixes in some prospecting and you are on your way to a large business inside your network marketing company!

Video: MLM Tips and WHY Now is a Great Time to do Local Meetings

OK, as you can tell, I am getting bolder with my videos and you got to see my very lame impression of a certain celebrity figure lol. The MLM tips in the video hopefully opened your eyes some to what is going on and how you can stand out. Please share this and comment below if you learned something cool, had an aha moment or at least laughed a little! =)

To Your Abundance!

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