mlm tipsOne of the ways to build your business is through home meetings. Here are my five best MLM tips for running these meetings.

These network marketing success tips can help you make your home meetings way more effective.

My Thoughts on Home Meetings

We teach a lot of online marketing strategies but we still believe in the power of home meetings. IF you are an online marketer, don’t be too quick to knock home meetings as for many these are the very best way to build their network marketing business. We don’t believe doing home meetings is the ONLY way but they are certainly a viable way.

Network Marketing Success Tips

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My Five Best MLM Tips for Home Meetings

Here are my Top five suggestions when running a home party.

Number one. Train your team.

What do I mean by that? There’s multiple things. Number one, train your team to show up even if they don’t have a prospect coming. Why? Because when you go, like this morning, we went to a breakfast place, and it’s a place we go to every once in a while. There’s a First Watch right around the corner from our house, so we do tend to go there because it’s right there. It’s so close, but this time, we went to a place called “Poached.” I like the food. It’s great food.

We walked in, we’re the only ones. Had I never eaten there before, I would wonder, “Hmm, I wonder if they’re any good.” See, I had eaten there before, so I’m just like, “Ah, they suck at marketing, that sucks.”  If a prospect is showing up to a home meeting and they’re the only one there, That does register in their mind, “Is this even something that’s exciting? Is this something I should do?” When they show up and there’s a bunch of people there, that is a big factor for them to be more excited.

So train your team to show up even when they don’t have a prospect. Why? Because there’s going to be times that the other teammates will show up when they don’t have prospects at their meetings. Get them to show up and really hammer that. One way you can help this is do a little training, a little bit different training at every home meeting. Have somebody train something even if it’s basic. That will give them at least a little bit of enticement, but you really need to train them to have the mindset because most network marketers, are not serious about their business. They really aren’t, so they think, “Well, if I don’t have a prospect, I ain’t going. You got to think like a team, so train your team to show up even when they don’t have a prospect.

Train them to have the right culture. It drives me nuts when someone in your team, they show up to the meeting, and they’re sitting up front, and looking at their phone.” They’re not paying attention, they’re not engaged, they’re not excited, they’re not laughing at the jokes. Terrible. Train your team. When they show up, I don’t care if you’ve heard my same joke 52 times, laugh!

You need to pretend like you’re seeing it for the first time, and you have to teach your team that. They have to be team players because you’re going to laugh at their jokes when they’re doing a home meeting that aren’t funny. Guess what? The jokes aren’t that funny. Especially after you’ve heard them 52 times. You have to train your team to have the right culture. They have to clap. They have to be excited and they have to have the right culture.

You need to teach them to never, ever talk about being disappointed. Only 1.2 million times have I shown up to a presentation to do the presentation and someone in the room says in front of their guests, “Oh, man, I was supposed to have more. Sorry. I was supposed to have so many more people. I’m sorry.”

It drives me nuts. You need to be excited. Zero disappointment. No disappointment. Don’t say in front of Joe how you can’t believe Sally didn’t come. I’ve even seen it.  I’ve had people get on the phone and say, “Sally, are you coming or not? You said you’d come,” in front of their guests.

OMG. What’s wrong with you? How does that make them feel? It makes them feel like an idiot. “Oh, you mean I’m the schmuck that showed up? Great. Really looking forward to this one. I’m glad you’re honored by my presence.” You need to focus on who’s there. “Hey, Ray. Let me introduce you to Joe. Let me tell you, Joe is amazing. This guy is so connected. Joe, let me tell you about Ray. This guy he’s amazing. He’s helped me out so much. He’s been in the company longer. He’s …” Always edify the speaker more than the guest.

You’re edifying the speaker always more than the guest. Always. By the way, whoever the speaker is, is the greatest speaker of all time. I don’t care if you can’t stand them. I don’t care if you think they’re idiots. Whatever meeting you’re inviting people to is the greatest speaker of all time. “I can’t believe we got him. I can’t believe that he’s been able to be at this meeting. I’m just so blessed. It’s amazing. You’re going to be blown away.” I don’t care you’re personal thoughts. I’ve heard people say, “Hey, we’re going to have Joe as our speaker. He’s not as good as Johnny. He’s not, but he’s still pretty good.” Does that make me want to show up to that meeting? “Oh, well, let me know when Johnny is in town.” Ridiculous.

You have to teach your team all of these things. You have to teach them everything that I’ve just told you. Okay? We haven’t even gotten to inviting. We’re not ready to invite yet until we teach our team. You teach your team, and you teach them to teach, so you tell your team, “Now, when you bring in somebody, you teach them these same rules.”

I’ll tell you what we have is when someone is going to do a meeting, we actually have a video that teaches them all the stuff that I’m talking about. It actually teaches them culture. It teaches them etiquette. It teaches them inviting. It teaches them everything. I would highly suggest you have a reusable resource that you’re able to share with your team, so that they can re-watch it, they can replay it if they want.

Are these some good MLM tips or what?

Number two. Invite more than you want.

I know some people that they’ll say, “Oh, man, you know what? I want to get five people to my meeting, and so they call five.” Guess what? Four of them probably won’t show. If you want five people there, just go ahead and call 25, call 30. If you have more than five, great.

Let me tell you, we live in a world that fully lacks integrity. People will, on a whim, say, “Yeah, I’ll be there.” They don’t even plan on being there. You need to invite more than you plan on having.

Number three. Embrace long-term.

I’ve seen people get all excited. They’re like, “Woo. Man, I’m fired up, man. I’m going to do a home meeting.” They do a home meeting, nobody shows, they quit. Why the hell did you join? Are you really that addicted to that one outcome that if no one shows you forget all your dreams of why you joined? I would guess that I’ve done a hundred meetings with no guests. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

That would be my guess. I’ve done 50, but I’m saying probably closer to a hundred. No guests. Zero. None. Did I quit? Did I say, “Oh, no. This isn’t working?” No, I embraced long-term. I know that it’s just another meeting. It’s all it is, just another meeting, just another meeting, just another meeting, just another meeting. Okay? Embrace long-term.

Number four. BAMFAM.

I learned this one from some of my buddies, Jeff and Troy. Just amazing guys, amazing individuals. They’re hardcore traditional network marketers, and I love them to bits. They’re amazing.

BAMFAM, Book a Meeting from a Meeting. There is nothing worse than you finish up a meeting and saying, “All right, guys. So glad you came.” No, book a meeting from a meeting. At the end of your meeting, you need to be telling them the next meeting to be at.

You need to book a meeting from a meeting, and let me tell you where you’re not doing this. I assure you, less than 1% of you are doing this. “Book a Meeting from a Meeting” even stands true at a national event, at a company event. It still stands true. “Book a Meeting from a Meeting” might be a webinar. Maybe it’s an opportunity webinar that you’d tell your entire team to drive to. You need to tell people. Don’t assume that they’re just going to go out and start prospecting people. Drive people to the next meeting.

Book a meeting from a meeting, so what I’m suggesting to you is … and there’s two ways you can do it. You can either have the next meeting already lined up, or if you don’t for anyone that you sign up, you go ahead and book their meeting. If someone signs up at your meeting, say, “Okay, cool, Typically, we just go ahead and book your home meeting. Do you want to do next Wednesday or next Thursday?” When you say the word “typically,” they’re hypnotized a little bit. They’re like, “Oh, I guess Thursday.”

See, if you asked, if you say, “Hey, would you like to do a meeting?” That stands out as, “Oh, is that weird? Is it weird to do a meeting? Does everyone do a meeting? Um, no, thanks.” If you say, “Typically, we just go ahead and book your meeting. Do you want Wednesday or Thursday? What works for you, Wednesday or Thursday?” They’ll say, “Um, I guess Thursday.” Right? Because they hear that word “typically.” It’s very, very hypnotic. That could be your next meeting. You could say, “Hey, everyone. Next Wednesday, we’re at Cynthia’s right here. Make sure you get everyone there.”

Number five. Help them with their vision.

I believe vision is so important. It’s so important. Help them with their vision. Tell them why you’re doing this. Tell them some benefits you’ve gotten from the company, some benefits you’ve gotten from the product, some benefits you’ve gotten from the team. Help them paint a vision of becoming someone better.

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