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MLM Tips: Download my Recruiting eBook


Would you like my very best MLM tips on recruiting and prospecting? Check out my latest recruiting eBook and enjoy!

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Details on my brand new MLM Tips eBook

I have been blogging for almost four years, 5-7 times per week and the cool thing is we get to see what posts help people the most, which ones are the most popular and what we have done is taken the best of the best and put them in my new 45 page eBook called “Best of the Blog: Recruiting and Prospecting!

This is a printable eBook that you can download TODAY just by helping me with a special project that is close to my heart…

Each Year

Each year we raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The Muscular Dystrophy Association is the world’s leading nonprofit health agency dedicated to finding treatments and cures for muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neuromuscular diseases. It does so by funding worldwide research; by providing comprehensive health care services and support to MDA families nationwide; and by rallying communities to fight back through advocacy, fundraising and local engagement.

This year I wanted to raise more money than we did last year and to ethically bribe you, read on to hear how you can help me accomplish this and how YOU can get my brand new 45 page recruiting eBook!

Video: Donate today and get my Brand New Recruiting eBook

So, are you in? You gonna help some kids go to summer camp? Keep in mind, I do not receive any compensation for raising money, it’s just a cool thing we do every year. If you can donate, that is great! Just a $10 donation to my MDA Drive and then just forward your donation receipt to [email protected] and they will send you your MLM tips eBook. If you donate $100 or more you will get to book a private 15 minute coaching call with me for every $100 you decide to donate!

So, again

1. Go to rayhigdon.com/mda2013
2. Donate at least $10 (more is certainly appreciated!)
3. Forward your donation receipt to [email protected]
4. Enjoy the eBook!

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To Your Abundance!

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